These Tech Gigs Pay Well Even If Youre Not A Hardcore Geek


These Tech Gigs Pay Well Even If Youre Not A Hardcore Geek

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These Tech Gigs Pay Well Even If Youre Not A Hardcore Geek
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If you have technical skills, you can earn the highest salary in the freelancing market. And your technical skills don't even have to be exceptional. In fact, you can make a living creating simple websites or small business emails.

Dozens of online platforms connect people who need technical assistance, from troubleshooting to programming, with digital experts who can get the job done. Freelancers often set their own rates. And even if rates are set for you, they usually go over $30 an hour and quickly jump up to $75-100 an hour.

And most of the online platforms that cater to the most tech-savvy people aren't dependent on their specific tech skills. They invite people with knowledge of everything from analytics to WordPress to sign up and describe their niche, skill set and value. Since almost every niche is in high demand, these sites match your skills to the requirements of the job.

Here are a dozen sites where you can get the highest salary for your tech skills.

Confidence in the brain

If you have at least five years of work experience, you can apply to Braintrust. As a tech co-op, all potential freelancers get a share of the network, so your acceptance is subject to whether you pass the interview and is approved by the freelancers already on the site. Your Braintrust shares don't pay dividends, they give you a say in how the network works. When you find a job through Braintrust, you get 100% of your fee. The site adds a 10% commission to the customer's account to cover network fees.


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Freelancers on the FreeUp marketplace are also subject to strict controls. But those who overcome these barriers say they find plenty of well-paying jobs. Employer's open projects are displayed. If you are interested in taking on a project, contact the client for a 10-15 minute interview during which the client will decide if they want to hire you. Freelancers are paid based on their skill level. The site does not take a commission from freelancers, but charges a commission of 15% to the client's account.

Roberto Mezzo

Robert Half finds workers in contract, temporary and permanent positions in finance, accounting, technology, marketing, sales, healthcare, legal and management. This well-established staffing company also has a smartphone app that freelancers can use on the go.


Catalant uses the software to help companies identify the skills they need. He then uses the same technology to search his database of 70,000 registered freelancers to find the right people for any job.

SMA Inc.

SMA Inc. Hires freelancers for software development, systems engineering, computer graphics and presentations, management analysis, and other projects. The site asks freelancers to sign up with a detailed resume that explains not only what they've done in the past, but what systems they've used, how they've measured their success, and their role in completing various projects. Juice. Those who pass the selection are invited to work with pay from 28 to 80 dollars per hour.


Toptal likes to brag about how they only match the cream of the crop. Then sell that talent to corporate clients in need of a project. In theory, freelancers set their own hourly rates and provide their services through the platform. However, a company spokesperson said Toptal tells freelancers when their expected hourly rate makes them "uncompetitive." The site hides its markup which is said to be important. But the freelancers who work here say they still get paid well.

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Web Design / User Experience

WorkingNotWorking and Creatively are for artists and designers. But jobs advertised there are increasingly going digital. So if you're a great website designer or user experience professional who can create intuitive and attractive websites and apps, this is a great place to post your portfolio and apply for jobs. None of the sites take a commission from creatives who find work.

Continue investigation

OnwardSearch is a recruiting agency that encourages employees to register online and post resumes and links to previous jobs. They will try to find you an employer who needs full-time, part-time or temporary workers. Employers on this site are hiring for a variety of technological and creative positions: project management and accounting, web design and development, content and writing, video, animation, and production.

When the client and employee agree on the job description, Continuous Search manages the employee's compensation and provides a choice of benefits. If the worker receives benefits elsewhere, they may opt out of the higher rate option.


You don't necessarily need crazy coding skills to create a simple website with Wix or WordPress. However, thousands of people want this service every year. If that's your tech talent, you can find a lot of work on Fiverr. This large marketplace allows freelancers to set the price and parameters for the work they offer. Clients come to you.

For example, designer Zainsaed100 suggests creating a three-page website for $100 and a 10-page website for $380. With over 1,200 reviews, you've probably earned hundreds of thousands of dollars from the site. And since their Webpack is a pretty standard model, you can most likely be able to build a new website in a matter of hours.

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Meanwhile, the most experienced and empowered Fiverr professionals offer custom websites at much higher prices, typically $1,000 to $5,000 per site.


Upwork is not the platform that usually recommends. This is mainly due to the freelancers on the site competing with each other for jobs. And this bidding process can bring prices down. However, if your technical skills are strong and rare, you can earn real money with Upwork. Just be careful not to compete for jobs.

Skip instructions

SkipTheDrive is a job board designed to help you find remote jobs in fields ranging from accounting to technology. While many jobs are professional, they also have the option of seeking an associate degree.

Most of the job postings on SkipTheDrive are not genuine. The site appears to be harvesting information from other job sites such as CareerBuilder and ZipRecruiter for many of its listings. However, SkipTheDrive does a good job of categorizing and selecting remote tasks. And unlike FlexJobs and many other select sites, job seekers are not charged for access.

Christoph is the editor of, an independent website that explores the earning potential of the gig economy.

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