Investors Shrug, Once Again, At Apple’s Latest Deluge Of Product News


Investors Shrug, Once Again, At Apple’s Latest Deluge Of Product News

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Today was more than exciting. The Y Combinator demo day takes place during the Apple event, so we've been working all day here at TechCrunch. You may be too busy doing whatever it takes to get the job done and trying to keep up with the news.

So, sit back and let's take a look at our usual story about how Apple's latest event may or may not affect its stock price.

Much of our Apple events are not only TechCrunch's coverage of hardware and software news, but feedback from our veteran team, our community, other media, and even our competitors when Cupertino releases new hardware. We are also looking at the market reaction.

Today, instead of a set of estimates, we're comparing Apple's share price performance with those of its major competitors, especially other major US tech companies. The table is here.

Image Credits: YCharts

As you can see in this image, Apple managed to post the worst one-day price change, measured as a percentage, among the Big Five.

It can now be easily argued that intraday trading is actually nothing new in the evolution of the market. Fair! But of the big companies mentioned above, only Apple has announced what products it will sell next holiday season. So we have to read the database above. Probably no.

The thing is, investors don't seem to care much about what Apple announces. The company is constantly releasing new equipment and the stock never reacts. In fact, I've been posting this mini-series on TechCrunch all this time to infer stock and commodity prices.

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It's very strange to say this, but unless something really bad happens, I doubt that Apple will show any interest in investors. This may be because it is more compatible with Apple product updates. However, investors may wonder what they think about the appeal of Apple's new hardware; You know, because it's a vector of whether consumers buy new hardware.

And here we are. Again, looking at what the noise looks like compared to the expected signal from a pool of investors. I guess we'll have to wait for later earnings reports before judging whether investors are positive about the latest iPhones and Apple Watches.

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