Meta Quest 2 Gets Exclusive VR Series ‘Scream Park From Entertainment Studio BlackBox TV


Meta Quest 2 Gets Exclusive VR Series ‘Scream Park From Entertainment Studio BlackBox TV

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Meta Quest 2 Gets Exclusive VR Series ‘Scream Park From Entertainment Studio BlackBox TV
Meta Quest 2 Gets Exclusive VR Series ‘Scream Park From Entertainment Studio BlackBox TV

The premiere will take place on October 8. BlackBox TV Entertainment presents Meta Quest TV and Meta Horizon Worlds exclusive shorts with Meta Quest 2 headsets. Scream Park, a panoramic 360-degree VR park, takes users on a virtual reality roller coaster just in time for horror season. .

Meta Quest TV is the VR home for the Meta Quest and Meta Quest 2 VR headsets. Users need a Meta Quest 2 device to view Scream Park. In August, Meta raised the price of the Quest 2 from $299.99 to $399.99 due to high production. expenses.

Each episode will be seven minutes long and will include "active driving scenes" with flashing lights, a scary clown mouth and turns that will make us a little nauseous. Before each series there is a message that it is not suitable for viewers with special sensitivity to light.

First, the first four episodes will be broadcast. The remaining four episodes will be broadcast in the fall.

Unlike new games alongside Quest 2, such as Ghostbusters, Among Us and Red Matter 2, the eight-episode BlackBox TV series is designed to give users non-interactive 360-degree VR entertainment that combines live action in an infographic world.

"The team uses virtual reality technology to create a dark, complex, yet exciting story in a cinematic environment," said producer True Collins. "The eye is a physical extension of the central nervous system, so when 360° VR videos collide with an emotional connection to a story, they touch the internal organs in a way that 2D entertainment cannot."

The company said the video is “new to Meta” and “one of the first of its kind that we know of that combines live action with a CGI world (most of the content is rendered) and a great story/driving experience. "The game is a universe and it feels more real than a 2D series," BlackBox TV told TechCrunch.

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“With Scream Park, we're not trying to replicate reality in virtual reality; we create experiences you won't find anywhere else,” said creator and director Tony E. Valenzuela.

While there are roller coasters for Meta Quest devices, "Scream Park" is a narrative video where the characters act as if they are talking directly to the audience.

Image credits : BlackBox TV

The exclusive Meta Quest 2 series also features a familiar face from the popular Netflix show Stranger Things. Grace Van Dien, who played Chrissy, the hot lightning rod on Stranger Things, will play Kelly Q, who is trapped in Creek Park and must be rescued before sunrise. Another character from the series is American Horror Story star Zach Willa as Will.

The robotic CGI characters will be voiced by Monique Coleman, who starred in Disney's High School Musical. Internet personality and singer Steve Zaragoza will voice the antagonist Toby Terrific.

Scream Park is the sequel to Enter Scream Park, which debuted on BlackBox TV's YouTube channel in 2021 and has had over 680,660 views to date. The channel has 1.1 million subscribers. BlackBox TV reported that due to the success of the video, the horror and sci-fi studio decided to create an entire series for the world of Scream Park.

"We are excited to continue our journey at Park Creek with our new series and are grateful to Meta for their continued support," said Valenzuela.

BlackBox TV specializes in VR/360° and was founded by director Valenzuela. The studio has produced several other series for Meta Quest, such as Before Scream Park, Enter Scream Park, Alan Wake in VR, The Monster Challenge, Freddy Krueger, Lights Out, Pennywise. Dancing clown" and others.

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The announcement of the 360° VR series comes ahead of the annual Meta Connect conference on Tuesday, October 11. The conference will include announcements of "major updates to Horizon and avatar graphics," Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg wrote on Instagram. caption in response to his avatar's awkward selfie.

The Verge recently reported that Horizon Worlds has so many performance issues that even Meta staff wouldn't want to use it.

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