FX Entertainment Ups Nick Grad, Gina Balian To CoPresidents


FX Entertainment Ups Nick Grad, Gina Balian To CoPresidents

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FX Entertainment Ups Nick Grad, Gina Balian To CoPresidents
FX Entertainment Ups Nick Grad, Gina Balian To CoPresidents

Nick Grad and Gina Balian have been named co-presidents of FX Entertainment, down from their previous positions as presidents of original programming, and the pair will report to Jon Landgraf, president of FX Content and FX Productions. The veterans are following Eric Scherer's promotion last month to head Disney Television Studios and Commercial Operations.

In addition to overseeing all development and ongoing series, Balian and Grad will lead gaming, production and business operations for FX and FX Productions content. Balian and Grad reports Keith Lambert, Executive Vice President of Development; Jonathan Frank, Executive Vice President, Current Series; Michael Kutcher, Executive Vice President of Casting; Kelly Klein, Executive Vice President of Corporate Affairs. Renamed Balian and Grad, their roles as hosts of the original programs were abandoned.

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"Gina and Nick are two of the most gifted, talented and trusted executives in the business, and their experience defining and developing successful and successful programs is undeniable," said Landgrave. "They have been instrumental in FX's success and growth by building an incredible team and it's great to know that with their 30 years of experience at FX, they will continue to be pillars of creativity, risk-taking stability and fearlessness, the promotion and excellence of the FX brand."

Balian said: "Forex is a special place. The focus, dedication and passion of all my colleagues for the way they do their work is inspiring. For John and Nick, I could not have asked for smarter, more professional and nicer partners. And I am very excited about this opportunity. we're only as good as the team. Fortunately, we have a great team."

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Grade added, "The beauty of FX is everyone's commitment to the highest quality standards and that hasn't changed in my 20 years here. It all starts with John and Gina's commitment to excellence. We will continue to put our creative partners first and do our best." We support their vision, which is the hallmark of the FX brand."

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Through long stints with both companies (Grade celebrated its 20th and 10th anniversaries), they co-created a string of hit shows such as The American, American Crime Story and American Horror Story. , "Archer", "Atlanta", "Old Man", "Bear", "Dave", "Fargo", "Foss/Verdon", "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia", "Mrs. America" ​​​​​​​​Maya "MC, Spare Dogs, Snow, Under the Sky Flag, What We Do in the Shadows, Welcome to Wrexham.

Upcoming projects include the limited series Fleishman Is in Trouble, Octavia E. Butler's novel adaptation of Kindred, the limited crime series AI Class of '09, the Justified: City Primeval spin-off, and the Japanese limited edition Shogun series. . "

Grad joined FX in 2002 as Vice President of Development, was promoted to Senior Vice President in 2004, and was promoted to Executive Vice President of Original Programming and Development a year later. He was promoted to his previous position in 2013. Before joining FX, he worked at Columbia TriStar from 1995 to 2002, where he rose to the position of vice president of comedy development.

Balian joined FX in 2012 to create a new limited series division and was promoted to executive vice president of development in 2016. Prior to joining FX, Balian was Vice President of Drama Development at HBO, where he oversaw the development of Game of Thrones.

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Dana Walden hired FX's Eric Schrier to promote Disney TV Studios.

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