NoleGameday Staff Score Predictions: Florida State Seminoles Vs. Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets


NoleGameday Staff Score Predictions: Florida State Seminoles Vs. Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets

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NoleGameday Staff Score Predictions: Florida State Seminoles Vs. Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets
NoleGameday Staff Score Predictions: Florida State Seminoles Vs. Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets

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Our staff provides their analysis and predictions for when the Seminoles play the Yellow Jackets.

Florida State (4-3, 2-3 ACC) is back in the final stretch of the regular season. The Seminoles enter Saturday's contest with Georgia Tech (3-4, 2-2 ACC) on a three-game losing streak, but there is hope the team is ready to respond after the bye week.

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The Yellow Jackets have struggled through the 2022 campaign after firing coach Jeff Collins last month. He was replaced by interim coach Brent Kay, who led the team to a 2-1 scoreline. A few weeks ago, Georgia Tech pulled an upset, then replaced Pittsburgh and added Duke. However, there is uncertainty surrounding the status of starting quarterback Jeff Sims after he sprained his ankle in the loss at Virginia.

Georgia Tech is averaging just 16.1 points per game, which ranks 125th in the nation, and is one of seven teams held to 11 or fewer shots on offense. The Yellow Jackets have had a tough time, and things could get worse if Sims is unavailable. That said, one thing GT does well is create ratings when he has the ball.

The Yellow Jackets committed 15 turnovers, turning the ball over just six times in seven games. That's the fourth best side in the country and the main reason they came out on top in Pittsburgh. FSU can't afford to lose its opponent before playing Miami.

Our staff provides their analysis and predictions for when the Seminoles play the Yellow Jackets.

Dustin Lewis (@Dustin)

The bye week came at the perfect time, as Florida State needed to recover and recharge after three tough losses by 18 points. This team is close, which is why it's disappointing to see them fail. Simply put, the margin for error was very small compared to Wake Forest, NC State and Clemson.

It's a bit of a change from Georgia Tech, which hasn't played well but somehow leads the Coastal Division. It is not known who will play as a defender. There are three versions of the yellow vest. Jeff Sims, linebacker Zach Gibson and true freshman Zach Pyron. The Seminoles will get a boost if star quarterback Fabien Lovett plays against an offensive line that surrendered 26 total sacks, including seven last week.

Quarterback Jordan Travis seems to be playing more freely after taking time off, and he communicated well with his receivers in practice this week. Center Poitier, Johnny Wilson and Deuce Spahn made several appearances. The offensive line option will depend on whether or not the team is sent back.

I think it might be a little early with Florida State setting the pace, but the Seminoles will run away with this one in Tallahassee.

Projected season record: 5-2

Florida State 41, Georgia Tech 6

Logan Robinson (@LogansTwitty)

Florida State snapped a three-game losing streak and a long-awaited bye. Many players have spent this time healing and recuperating from long-standing injuries. One player with potential to return is star defender Fabien Lovett. The defensive back and team leader returns to 100% in hopes of getting back into the game after celebrating LSU's final drive in the fourth quarter in New Orleans.

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I think Florida State will win this game, but I want to see more. This offense struggled between plays. Why is there? Performance? Are you playing? Why do things slow down for Mike Norvell after he starts hitting? I'd love for the Seminoles to continue piling up four full-quarter drives. They mostly did against Boston College and should be able to do it again, but that should be the trend for Norvell and Jordan Travis over the last five games.

One thing Coach Norvell has done well this year is not allowing his team to outscore their opponents. This week's training was full of energy, competition and hard training. This game doesn't last long at Doak Campbell Stadium.

Projected season record: 6-1

Florida State 37, Georgia Tech 10

Austin Veaz (@NolesVikesVeaz)

Not sure what to make of Georgia Tech's QB situation, but it shouldn't be good regardless. As long as FSU can put the brakes on GT's ground attack without shooting themselves in the foot with costly turnovers and penalties, expect this to be a blowout.

Projected season record: 4-3

Florida State 35, Georgia Tech 10

Charleston Bowles (@Cbowles01)

The bye week should have given the former Soviet Union plenty of time to rest and recover. Three consecutive losses were not ideal, but the schedule is full of opportunities. It's easy to focus on the upcoming games with Miami and Florida, but the game at Syracuse may be the most important if we want to see where the Seminoles fit into the college football landscape. However, the Yellow Jackets cannot be taken lightly for their competitiveness and effort until the final round. I expect Florida State to have an encouraging showing at all three levels and to top the GT.

Projected season record: 5-2

Florida State 41, Georgia Tech 23

John Jenkins (@_jmj4_)

Florida State hopes to put a W in the win column after the expected bye week. A lot will depend on the health of GA Tech QB Jeff Sims in this game. If healthy and able to play, I expect the Yellow Jackets to put up a good fight. FSU expects quarterback Fabien Lovett to make his first start since the LSU game. This will be the boost this defense needs. Ultimately, I think Knowles will be able to run the ball effectively as well as control the defensive line.

Projected season record: 6-1

Florida State 31, Georgia Tech 13

Maddox Nebel (@MaddoxNebel)

The end of the season is off to a good start as the Seminoles cover the spread against Georgia Tech. The week leading up to this game should really help Knowles take care of business.

Projected season record: 5-2

Florida State 42, Georgia Tech 10

Jon Conahan (@JonConahan)

FSU hasn't been able to overcome that slump in the past three games, but it's a good time for them. There should be no reason for Georgia Tech to go to Tallahassee and win. I think it's the best we've seen all season.

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Projected season record: 5-2

Florida State 42, Georgia Tech 13

Jacob Stevens (@Jacob_Stevens26)

"The Noles started great and were hot throughout the game.

Projected season record: 4-3

Florida State 45, Georgia Tech 17

Dylan Riera (@13d_riera)

God, what a weekend it was to watch college football without any emotional investment. Sometimes you forget how good sports are when you get caught up in the moment and wanting your team to succeed. Which brings me to my next topic. The Florida State Seminoles play football this week.

As the Righteous Brothers would say, Florida State "lost that love feeling." After a strong 4-0 season, Florida State is in the midst of a three-game skid. Sure, it's against the best teams in the Atlantic Coast Conference, but that doesn't make it any easier for Knowles because he's had no shortage of opportunities to win those games. Eighteen points in three games is all that separates the Seminoles from an undefeated record in 2022. Eighteen points, but I digress. FSU is coming off a much-needed bye week that allows the team to heal, correct mistakes and focus on the upcoming schedule. Now the Seminoles hope to right the ship Saturday afternoon against a surprising Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets team.

No one in the entire country gave Georgia Tech a chance before the season started. After the Yellow Jackets fired their athletic director and coach in September, their chances of success in the 2022 season were even slimmer. That was until GT followed through with a change of pace, winning 26-21 over the 24th ranked Pitt Panthers. Today, Georgia Tech is tied for second in the ACC Coastal Division behind North Carolina, and they will have a chance to take on the top spot against the Tar Heels on November 19th. So while this game was considered nothing more than a push in early September, Georgia Tech showed an unusual level of fight and determination to make the game against Florida State interesting.

Former FSU recruit and quarterback Jeff Sims leads Georgia Tech's offense, but despite his day-to-day status at the time of writing, Sims has struggled to produce for the Yellow Jackets. In seven games of the season, quarterback Jeff Sims had just 5 touchdowns. Georgia Tech averages nearly 313 yards of offense per game, 174.1 through the air and 139.3 on the ground, and they have very little success, averaging 16.1 points per game, .250. which is located in the position in the country In fact, the Yellow Jackets have gone over 25 points in two games this season (against Western Carolina and Pitt). Meanwhile, Florida State's defense could see the return of kicker Fabian Lovett to an already solid defensive line. The Seminoles' defense is currently 25th in the nation in yards allowed per game (332.0) and will have a chance to showcase their skills this weekend.

Now, I know some fans may be surprised to hear this, but the defense kept this team in the game after three losses. Conversely, the Seminoles offense's ability to find some level of consistency is surrounded by question marks. For three straight weeks, we've sat through four quarters and watched Florida State's offense struggle to play a complete game. Against Wake Forest and Clemson, it was an inability to find an outlet in the first half. Against North Carolina State, it was an inability to finish runs. If you're looking for a particularly good week, it's the resurgence of the Seminoles offense that we've all seen in the first 4 games.

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FSU's offense is 22nd in the nation in yards per game, and while running back Treshaun Ward is a victim of recent injuries, Knowles has more than capable running backs in Lawrence Toafili and Troy. Benson: Quarterback Jordan Travis remains a key offensive player, but he'll once again need to find success (and maturity) through the air to keep opposing defenses in check. Of course, wide receiver Johnny Wilson led those passes with 27 receptions for 492 yards and 3 touchdowns on the season. For Florida State's offense to find its rhythm, Johnny Wilson will need to keep up that level of performance, but that doesn't mean the rest of the receivers can't keep up. Remember Ontario Wilson's heroic performance against LSU? How about the multi-game greatness of veteran Mick Pittman? That said, everyone has to play a part in order to energize this offense and overcome the defense. There are better opportunities to bring in those receivers than against a Georgia Tech team that allows 215 yards per game.

Florida State had a week to catch its breath and get through the middle of the season. The Noles return to Doak Campbell Stadium this weekend for what is sure to be an instructive first game. Listen, it should be quite sharp and dry. Florida State is currently a 24-point favorite with a 90.9% chance to win, according to ESPN's FPI. However, Georgia Tech has won two 2015 games against the Seminoles. I'm just saying things have been crazier (I still haven't missed Miracle on Techwood Drive). Personally, I like it when the rested Seminoles find their feet again and set a strong tone for the rest of the schedule. The defense will show the level and discipline we have long expected, while the offense will find ways to mix up the offense and score points in all four quarters.

The Seminoles put on a show in front of the home team and got a much needed morale victory.

Projected season record: 4-1

Florida State 31, Georgia Tech 17

Agreement. Florida State (9-0)

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