5 Uplifting Moments In Latin Music This Week (Nov. 12)


5 Uplifting Moments In Latin Music This Week (Nov. 12)

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5 Uplifting Moments In Latin Music This Week (Nov. 12)
5 Uplifting Moments In Latin Music This Week (Nov. 12)

From new shows and music releases to top announcements and more, Billboard editors highlight the latest news in Latin music every week. Here’s what happened in the world of Latin music this week.

Jenny Rivera fashion store

Jenni Rivera’s California fashion store is reopening, offering t-shirts, merchandise, commemorative jackets and more from small to 2XL and from $19.99 to $99.99. Located in Orange County’s Brea Mall, the Rivera family hopes to expand their online store to include fans.

“One year,” he smiles as he recalls the days when he sold CDs at swap meets and now has a packed shop in the main square to celebrate his music and legacy. We welcome all his fans to come celebrate and reminisce with us.”

Jenny Rivera © Posted by Jenny Rivera of Billboard

Chiquis holiday song

In other Rivera news, Chiquis released her first single this weekend. Adding a Cuban and Spanish twist to the Christmas classic Jingle Bells, the Mexican-American artist released a festive video for Jingle Bells (Vamos All the Way). Powered by Latin dating app Chispa and a media and products company partially owned by Cocina, Chiquis connects jingles to love, friendship, family and even dating . “This track shows the first town of Abeja Reina, reminding us that Navidad is about Felicidad and love. Magic is in the air, so Vamos all the way,” announced the actor on his YouTube account.

Lupita Nyong’o is embracing her roots.

This week, Oscar-winning actress Lupita Nyong’o celebrated her Mexican roots by singing a song by the late Juan Gabriel. “Mexico, I’m here. This is a song for you,” she shared on TikTok Black Panther. Ahead of the premiere of Wakanda Forever . The Kenyan-Mexican actress was seen singing “Mi Gusta Star Contigo” in a bikini.

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In other Gwanga news, his descendants and team have launched the latest project the legendary Mexican singer-songwriter is working on; The third duet from the album “Digam Fever” with Anahi, “Oh” with Panda Rikudo and La India. , and “Mía un Año” with Eslabón Armado. , as well as the focus track “De Mí Enamórate” with Dana Paula. Los Duos 3 comes six years after his death.

Despacito is making history

More than five years after its release, Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee’s “Despacito” was the most viewed music video on YouTube this week, with more than eight billion views. “Who would have thought that morning the sound of the guitar would be played in my house in so many places, in so many people”, Fonsi wrote on social networks, marking the new chapter of the song. “It’s been almost six years and I still can’t believe it. Thank you words don’t cover it. 8 billion views, looking great!

The Puerto Rican artist then thanked those who made it all, Daddy Yankee, remixer Justin Bieber, co-writer Erica Ender, producers Andres Torres and Mauricio Renjivo, and video director Carlos Perez, to name a few, and recorded a video with the former. Miss Space Zulica Riviera on the island of Puerto Rico.

bad line of rabbit rules

Apple Music Artist of the Year 2022 and Apple Music Awards 2022 nomination.

“When I started, I didn’t have an international fan base,” he told Apple Music in an exclusive statement. I appreciate all that you have achieved and experienced. The Latin music movement has grown tremendously. I don’t get full credit or say “it’s because of me”. No, we all are. A whole generation. We always feel our energy and our presence.

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The Puerto Rican artist, whose album Un Verano Sin T was the most streamed album on Apple Music and the biggest Latin album of all time, was honored in 2022 for his distinction and influence on global culture.

bad rabbit © Apple Music by Bad Bunny

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