Variety Wins 22 National Arts & Entertainment Journalism Awards, Including Best Entertainment Website


Variety Wins 22 National Arts & Entertainment Journalism Awards, Including Best Entertainment Website

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Variety Wins 22 National Arts & Entertainment Journalism Awards, Including Best Entertainment Website
Variety Wins 22 National Arts & Entertainment Journalism Awards, Including Best Entertainment Website

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At a ceremony Sunday night in Universal City, Variety won 22 national awards for arts and entertainment journalism, including the Staff Award for Entertainment Site of the Year. The 22 trophies represent the most awards won by a publication during the event.

Top honors also went to Assistant Music Editor Jaime Aswad, who was nominated for Internet Journalist of the Year, and Elizabeth Wagmeister and Clayton Davis, co-host of Variety’s The Tech, for Host/Animator of the Year.

The Los Angeles Press Club’s 15th Annual National and Local Media Awards for July 2021-2022 were held in the Grand Ballroom of the Universal Sheraton Hotel.

Aswad and senior music editor and chief music critic Chris Willman have the most wins with four each. He was flanked by chief correspondent Wagmeister, who clinched three victories at the event. Five employees received two awards each: Senior Vice President Tim Gray, Executive Music Writer Shirley Halperin, International Editor and Senior Writer Menori Ravindran, TV Editor Brian Steinberg, and Special Writer Malina Saval.

Other nominees include Chief Critic Peter DeBruge, Davis Awards Editor-in-Chief, Entertainment and Media Editor Matt Donnelly, International Editor-in-Chief Elsa Keslasi, Deputy Editor-in-Chief Janelle Riley, Deputy Editor-in-Chief Pat Saperstein, Television Editor Michael Snyder and the Social Network. Editor Katsi Stephan and International Correspondent KJ Josman. Authors Lina Taylor and Roy Trekkin also shared top honors.

In addition to the Internet Journalist of the Year award, Aswad won a Music Critics Award and a music personality profile for the cover of Jack Harlow Magazine’s Hitmaker of the Year. He and Halperin shared the grand prize for investigating whether Travis Scott’s stage set may have contributed to the rising death toll at the Astroworld festival.

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Willman won the Personal Profile Award for an article about musicians Robert Plant and Alison Krauss reuniting for their reunion album; Soft News/Arts for live coverage of Oklahoma’s new Bob Dylan Museum; And a humorous letter for a satirical look at how the recently sold Bruce Springsteen publication could be used to facilitate publicity.

Aswad and Willman shared their fourth win with Halperin, Taylor and Truckin at a panel celebrating the music mogul’s 90th anniversary with Clive Davis.

In addition to winning the Best Presenter award, Wegmeister also won the TV Commentary/Analysis Award for her writing on How Wendy Williams Changed Daytime Television. His third award, Celebrity News, was shared with co-writers Donnelly and Kelasi for an article on why depraved celebrities like Woody Allen are still celebrated at one of the Cannes Film Festival’s main venues.

Gray, winner of last year’s Journalist of the Year award, returned to take home two awards this year: for Variety Coverage, for his review of Sidney Poitier’s legacy, and for Celebrity News for his feature on Guillermo del Toro’s Nightmare Alley.

Saval received two awards for his obituary/commitment honoring Jean-Marc Vallée and for his television commentary/analysis/trophy on the need for improved youth mental health screening.

Steinberg won a Soft News/Television Award for commentary/analysis/TV-exclusive coverage of how David Chase revived the Sopranos for a Super Bowl commercial and insight into the progress made. Advertising technology is more than just a TV show. .

Rabindran won two awards in the diversity category. One was the Film Industry Diversity Report for an article on how stars denounced the lack of diversity in the UK film and television sector. The second TV and Streaming Industry Diversity Award went to a story about women of color leaving the BBC; It was shared by his co-author Yosman.

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Additional winners include: Stefan Kardashian won Best Social Media Journalism for his work in storytelling or increasing the reach of the Kardashian family story. M. For an interview with Night Shyamalan, Riley adopted the profile of a film and television host. And Saperstein became the winner of the television and film industry in the category “up to 1000 words” for watching the TV series “Julia”.

The judges also awarded Variety an additional 49 second and third places, bringing the evening’s total to 71.

A slew of diversity awards — and the resulting Hilton staff tables — were duly celebrated by comedian Alonzo Bowden, who hilariously undercuts most of the Los Angeles Press Club event. “They’re nuts over there,” Bowden said of the pop contingent. “I will work at this desk.”

During the ceremony, five previously announced special awards were presented to the invited celebrities. Byron Allen won the Impact Award, Ryan Seacrest won the Luminary Award, Marla Gibbs won the Legend Award, director Jennifer Lee won the Distinguished Storyteller Award for Cinematography, and country star Tanya Tucker won the Distinguished Storyteller Award (Music). )

The Los Angeles Press Club hosts two awards ceremonies per year, and the SoCal Journalism Awards are presented in June or July each year.

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