More People Should Watch This Slick Time Travel Thriller On Netflix


More People Should Watch This Slick Time Travel Thriller On Netflix

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More People Should Watch This Slick Time Travel Thriller On Netflix

Netflix doesn't have the highest ratio of good to bad films , but it still manages to beat its competitors with an incredibly rich lineup of international films.

Platform, Dagger , Lupin, Squid Game , The Call . these compelling, unique, and impactful shows rolled down the Netflix conveyor belt, and we devoured them, breaking the 1-inch subtitle barrier.

Now is the time to quench your thirst for more. The next photo you should take is the 2018 Mirage.

A Spanish sci-fi drama from Oriol Paulo, a director and screenwriter who is used to creating smart cop thrillers. (His latest film, Crooked Lines of God, appeared on Netflix.) Mirage is one of his best films, solved somewhat unpredictably with a time-travel puzzle.

Adriana Ugarte plays Vera Roy, a mother who stumbles upon a device that allows her to talk to the past. This option is only available during heavy thunderstorms, so of course there are some references to Back to the Future.

Vera decides to put this miraculous discovery to good use, but in doing so, she unknowingly changes her timeline. Suddenly, his insanely beautiful daughter disappeared. To correct this deception, Vera begins to look for clues, learning how her life has changed, finding allies who believe in her strange position, and finding a way to return to her old life without committing any immoral acts.

This type of time travel difficulty is pretty familiar, and you feel like you're thinking about every path the Mirage starts down. Luckily, Mirage is much more action-packed than your average Netflix thriller, and Ugarte's portability is also a huge plus. It's a bit like Margaret Qualley in The Handmaid; you really feel the love and desperation in her plight as she tries to save her child.

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Revenge and romance fill Mirage Artillery. Then, in his final chapter, he includes an element of time pressure, a countdown that threatens to shut down the Faith forever. All this is complemented by pleasant twists and turns.

Always focusing on human drama, Mirage never goes into full sci-fi mode, but skillfully creates a strange atmosphere with a dark, creepy opening that heightens the tension, just like in Stranger Things. It helps that the action is partly set in the 1980s. People communicate using incredibly unpredictable devices, news releases subtly allude to mysterious events, and a crazy child sings a cheerful old sad ditty.

The Mirage also stars Alvaro Morte, known throughout the world as the "Master of Money Robbery". Here he plays David, Vera's husband. She's beautiful, attractive, and must be hiding something.

Mirage takes the most effective approach to what can be a very complex concept of time travel, delivering a strong performance and an emotionally satisfying ending. It's a neat package that immerses you in its world for 128 minutes (yes, that might be a bit short) and then leaves you with the contents in full bloom.

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