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‘House Party Review: Calmatics FeatureFilm Debut Reboot Is Overshadowed By The Original


‘House Party Review: Calmatics FeatureFilm Debut Reboot Is Overshadowed By The Original

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‘House Party Review: Calmatics FeatureFilm Debut Reboot Is Overshadowed By The Original
‘House Party Review: Calmatics FeatureFilm Debut Reboot Is Overshadowed By The Original

why This is the question I ask myself when I watch old movie reboots and remakes. Whether I like them or not, I always ask why. Why was it revived? Why was it recycled? And then I look for details about the film that help it stand on its own. I didn't find the answer to this question while restarting Calmatics House Party .

As one of my favorite movies growing up, I think about what I really like about the 1990s version of House Party . Not only was it funny, but it was smart, with a subtle yet effective social commentary. The 2023 version, written by Jamal Olori and Stephen Glover, is nothing more than a cheesy comedy with dark characters and a story so obscure that I often forgot I was watching it.

The action of the film takes place in Los Angeles and tells about childhood friends Kevin (Jacob Lattimore) and Damon (Tosin Cole), who are going to organize the biggest party in town. From the beginning, the goal is to gain fame and make money. Kevin is a music producer and single father who lives with his parents. Damon is a stoner/shelf who lives with his aunt and has no real goals other than making money, having girls, and a penchant for chicks (shown on Instagram). He is a party promoter who is pursued by a gang of three violent thugs called the Young Menaces (played by Allen Maldonado, Melvin Gregg and Rotimi) who want Damon to steal something.

Kevin and Damon work for a cleaning company where they are quickly fired for being reckless and smoking weed on the job. Now unemployed and broke, they decide to find a house to clean, only to end up at the home of basketball star LeBron James (his production company, Springhill Entertainment, is producing the film). With no respect for the law or common sense, these two jerks have the bright idea of ​​throwing a house party right there. Accessing his personal contacts, they begin reaching out to friends and celebrities to help them get out of poverty and join the biggest party in town, all while trying not to get arrested or killed in the process. .

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Incorporating aspects of social media, beat hunter culture, and old-school music into the updated feature doesn't add ambiguity, depth, or perspective to the reboot. What separates the 2023 version from the 1990 version, which featured hip-hop artists Christopher "Kid" Martin and Christopher "Play" Reed, is intelligence. The Kid and Play characters loved to dance and have fun, chat with girls, and came from middle-class families. It was about going home before bed and avoiding neighborhood terrorists, providing subtle social commentary on police brutality and class. In Glover and Olora's story, however, willful ignorance pays off, and the main couple put pressure on each other, forcing them to make decisions that literally destroy their lives.

There are also funny moments

Kid Cudi and writer Lena Waithe, but House Party 's heavy reliance on celebrity appearances, social media influencers, and scenes reminiscent of a 1990s movie weigh the story down. It's full of old comics that don't resonate, the chemistry between the actors isn't very good, and the audience can spot every plot point from afar.

Look, there's nothing wrong with rebooting or rebooting something, but since it has a title that's popular with millennials and genres, cashing in on nostalgia isn't a good move. Whoever is tasked with rebooting a franchise needs to know what material is being added to differentiate the reboot from its predecessor. How does this release extend our existing hardware? Social media may not be the only thing that defines this generation. There must be something else.

It may not seem like it, but I was excited. Calmatic is a great storyteller and his music videos are top notch. Springhill has a special interest in people of color, especially black people and their subjects

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The duo will strike gold one day, but not with House Party 2023.

House Party – Official Trailer – Warner Bros. Great Britain and Ireland

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