‘The Last Of Us’ Inspired Me To Create A Travel Emergency Kit — Here’s What’s In It


‘The Last Of Us’ Inspired Me To Create A Travel Emergency Kit — Here’s What’s In It

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'The Last Of Us' Inspired Me To Create A Travel Emergency Kit — Here's What's In It
'The Last Of Us' Inspired Me To Create A Travel Emergency Kit — Here's What's In It

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I don't know about you, but I keep talking about the hit HBO series The Last of Us . As a travel editor, always on the go, this show is about something in post-plague America where characters cross the country and fight zombies. It really got me thinking: what if an accident like this happens? Would I be ready? The idea was enough to create your own emergency survival kit inspired by the series. I convinced some friends to do the same.

I'm not saying there's going to be a zombie apocalypse anytime soon, but I've found it pays to be prepared for almost any situation – winter travel, extreme weather, evacuations, camping, epidemics (ahem) and who knows what yet.

While there are some great emergency preparedness kits on Amazon, like the $33 Taiker Emergency Survival Kit (thanks to coupon) or Judy's Emergency Preparedness Dry Bag from an Oprah-approved brand, this is a first aid kit. and the wonderful 18 that I take with me on all my walks. $ I decided to make my travel bag from what I already have, including a Lifestraw water filter.

So be like Joel and Ellie and be ready for anything with this essential checklist and keep calm too.

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Warm hands, hand warmers

As a Boston resident, I swear these best-selling hand warmers will keep you warm in Northeast winters. So when I saw that my city was depicted in a post-apocalyptic style in The Last of Us, I wanted to reach up to the screen and lay out these magical tools to prevent the cold in these old, broken apartments. When activated, they provide up to 10 hours of natural and safe warmth. (We know mushrooms can't handle high temperatures, so here's my theory: the warmer, the better, right?) That might be an exaggeration, but there's no denying that they're good for hiking, camping, and long winter hikes. .

This pack contains 40 pairs so you can throw a few in your emergency kit and use the rest this winter. If you need more convincing, just look at 36,500 perfect ratings. "These are the best hand warmers on the market," said one consumer who called them "camping."

Buy :, $27 for 40 pairs.

Johnson & Johnson Portable First Aid Kit

As long as I have a first aid kit in my survival bag, it's always good to have more, so I also consider this a fall back for my car. Whether you're looking for an upgrade or something more for the home, choose this portable and compact size (9.9" x 6.8" x 3.4") from the trusted Johnson & Johnson brand. The high quality kit contains 160 essentials, including bandages, gauze, Neosporin antibacterial ointment, Tylenol pain reliever, hand sanitizer wipes, and more—all for treating minor cuts while hiking, exercising, and in the event of an accident at home. not killing the zombies, but hey, it can't hurt.

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Buy:, $17.

FosPower emergency radio, portable power bank and flashlight

Space is limited in the emergency kit, so I especially like how this solar-powered flashlight combines three essential features: radio, portable charger, and light. Whether you need to charge your phone, turn on the lights or listen to basic emergency weather forecasts or FM/AM stations, this compact little box will get you there and doesn't need electricity to operate.

With over 22,000 five-star reviews on Amazon, this great review makes me believe, "We weathered this storm, Ian." Although they lost power for four days, they said "getting information on the radio was a lifesaver" and solar charging connected them to their phones. "Can't recommend it enough," they said. "I am very glad I bought it. I encourage everyone in the hurricane prone area to do so. As someone who grew up in Florida, I was sold—besides, how could I listen to all that hateful 80s music?

Buy:, $30.

LifeStraw personal water filter

This portable drink filter is so handy it could save your life one day. The compact device filters 99% of bacteria and parasites from lakes, streams and rivers, so you can have clean drinking water anywhere and anytime.

I originally purchased the LifeStraw before a trip to the Salar de Uyuni salt flats in Bolivia, where I spent several hours on rough terrain. While you thank me for not having to use mine, I'm glad I did – just like this one. And it's so portable that I always take it with me on camping trips or long trips. It's a bestseller for a reason.

To buy :, $18 (originally $20)

KN95 masks grow together

Nothing beats a pandemic show to put on a face mask, right? And besides being spectacular, it's a good reason to stock up on cash and buy an extra pack or two during a particularly strong flu season.

I like the Evolvetother KN95 mask because it has 6-layer technology, double filter and the most comfortable ear band. Even celebrities like Jennifer Garner and Katie Holmes have worn them and they have an impressive five-star rating with 6,700 reviews. No wonder they sell out and have a long waiting list of 100,000, but thankfully they are back in stock.

To buy :, $15 for a pack of five.

Swiss Safe Emergency Thermal Mylar Blanket

I'm sure the thought went through Joel and Ellie's head before their backcountry adventure: Wyoming can be cold . So I added a pack of four leftover Swiss Safe emergency heating blankets to my survival kit. Weighing just two ounces, they are waterproof, windproof and most importantly, designed to retain up to 90% of body heat. Moreover, they can be converted into emergency shelters.

I chose army green cam plus, but nine other colors are available, including red, if you want to draw attention to yourself. I don't often hike in cold weather, but I make sure to keep one in my car for winter trips. A five-star reviewer who did the same said, "They don't take up more space than a large handkerchief."

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To buy: $17 for a pack of four (originally $19)

Israeli Swiss safe sterile compression bandage

Without embellishment: those zombie bites and bruises from our latest series (I'm looking at you, series one) were terrifying. I got two packs of this medical compression bandage, which effectively compresses traumatic wounds, which a standard first aid kit cannot. The burrito-sized package comes with a pressure applicator to act as a guide.

It hurts to think about it, but Amazon buyers say they feel comfortable with the product in every way, and one of their 3,500 five-star reviews says it's "very durable and a great item to have when needed." Another said it "fits well" in his motorcycle first aid kit and did "a bit of research" before creating a crash kit, while another called it an "accident kit". "Emergency"

To buy :, $17 for a two-pack (originally $20).

Sharp 6-in-1 survival kit with lighter, whistle and whetstone

This versatile tool works primarily as a fire starter, whistle and knife sharpener. At just 3.54 inches by 1.46 inches by 0.5 inches and weighing 2.4 ounces, it barely takes up any space in my bag, which is why I've even used it on camping trips.

And I'm not the only one. One five-star Amazon reviewer bought a pair and added one to his "tsunami evacuation kit" and said the display device works "very well." In addition, there is a three-year warranty, and now a discount of 38%.

To buy :, $10 (originally $16)

Extremely bright emergency light sticker

I was surprised to learn that 45% of Americans said they had an emergency preparedness plan in place last year, according to FEMA. These are simple ways to prepare for emergencies when you need a distraction to get help (or maybe throw it in the opposite direction to distract the zombies!). They glow for 12 hours and can be seen from a mile away. I love that they are waterproof, waterproof and non-toxic, and I know they will come in handy if the power goes out at home and I need to get to safety. I'm also glad to see that other reviewers who bought these for emergencies say they are "great" and "high quality".

To buy :, starting at $10 for a 12-pack (originally $16).

Rain Leaf Microfiber Towel

These best-selling compact towels dry quickly and when folded, the 12" x 24" towels measure 1.45" x 6.05" x 8.25" and weigh just 0.13 pounds. I'd say it's a good weight, especially if I happen to fall into the water on my perilous journey (or manage to take a shower at the end of time). And it's very popular with tourists and vacationers. One of over 15,600 five-star reviews on Amazon says that you can now survive the camp at home thanks to this towel.

Buy :, starting at $9 (originally $12).

ParaTinder UST Utilities Cable

An Amazon Choice product with a 4.7 star rating, this 30-foot operation cord can be used for many things (think rope, tying to your survival buddy, or even fishing or sewing with rope), but its most practical function. it is the lighting of fire. It comes with a handy clip that you can attach to the outside of your backpack, but one reviewer who gave the product a five-star rating said it works like laces so you can shoot anytime. There is no room for packing.

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Buy :, $9.

Osprey Hikelite Hiking Bag

You need something to store all your gear and I chose this lightweight backpack from Osprey. I like it for several reasons: it comes with a waterproof case so you can protect everything, and it's a bit more comfortable for what I carry, unlike some of the larger, but expensive bags. . Pick it up. It's like a handbag. I really feel like I can drive this long distance – westward. This is also what I use for walking.

The Amazon reviewer who took it to Hawaii said, "Couldn't be happier. I'm not a short person at all and this bag was very comfortable and extremely durable.

To buy :, $84 (originally $110)

If you'd rather buy a pre-made bag than make your own, read on for some great brands to check out on Amazon, including this Oprah-approved brand.

Ready kits for survival:

Judy's Emergency Preparedness Bag

In the year the small-business-owned brand appeared on Oprah's 2020 Favorites list, this high-quality duffle bag may be expensive, but it's packed with substance. Not only does it have everything on my list (a first aid kit, glow sticks, whistles, gloves, hand warmers, a radio charger and a quick dry towel), but also a week's worth of food. Water rations and a large waterproof bag for everything. This makes it a little heavier at 15 pounds, but worth it. At least that's what my friend who bought the bag says. They say it's easy to operate and they make sure it's in their laundry room and "ready to go at a moment's notice."

And others who have bought the bag agree that it is a good choice. An Amazon columnist based in California says it's the best thing in their earthquake plan.

To buy :, $156 off coupon (originally $195)

Taiker Rescue Kit

For the price, you probably can't find better than this 151-piece emergency kit from Amazon. Comes with first aid kit, flashlight, lighter, tools, gloves, rope, reflector and backpack. Heck, it even comes with an emergency shelter and fishing gear. It only weighs 3.96 pounds, so it's lightweight and ready to go, and the only downside I see is that it doesn't include a radio (although you can easily add one separately). "Everything you need in one small package," said one Amazon customer who received an Angle Scout as a gift.

To buy :, $38 (originally $48)

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