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‘#Manhole Review: HighConcept JHorror Movie Overstays Its Welcome


‘#Manhole Review: HighConcept JHorror Movie Overstays Its Welcome

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‘#Manhole Review: HighConcept JHorror Movie Overstays Its Welcome
‘#Manhole Review: HighConcept JHorror Movie Overstays Its Welcome

What happens in the hole, stays in the hole.

It's a take on an initially intriguing and growing nod to Japanese horror that casts pop star Yuto Nakajima as a young man who falls into a trap on his wedding night and can't seem to get over it.


The end result is no ordinary well.

Venue: Berlin Film Festival (Panorama)
Actors: Yuto Nakajima, Kento Nagayama
Directed by Kazuyoshi Kumakiri
Screenwriter: Michitaka Okada
1 hour 39 minutes

Directed by Kazuyoshi Kumakiri ( Kaitan City Pictures ) from a script by Michitaka Okada ( Mascarade Hotel ), the film certainly makes the most of its setting, placing dozens of obstacles to build tension as the hero slices, slices, and… is announced. On social networks and on the run, poisoned by toxic waste. But in the middle #Mangat jumps more or less the shark, or is it Mangat? – Add more twists until it becomes a bloody parody.

The film, which had a preview at Berlin's Panorama Hall, should find its audience thanks to Nakajima, actor, model and singer of the Japanese boy band Hi!. Tell them! Skip the very cute face here. International interest may be limited to research on Midnight Madness and the broader world of broadcasting.

The hashtag #Manhole before the film's title gives an idea of ​​what it's about: part space thriller (think Buried in Tokyo), part social media comedy that shows what you can do when you're stuck multiple times. meters underground. We keep you connected with an affordable and reliable phone, pencil case and wireless service.

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Shunsuke Kawamura, a successful real estate agent about to marry his boss's daughter, proposes to her after a night out drinking with his office mates and stumbles upon a well that appears to be part of an abandoned construction site. . Their strange behavior, which includes not immediately calling the police, gives us a small clue that they'll wake up later, and Kumakiri prepares well, hole by hole, in case the rain turns into a poisonous bubble. Tube.

With the location unclear and the police no help, Shunsuke first calls his ex-girlfriend, who is also a registered nurse. He then creates a Twitter account (named Pecker in the movie LOL) with an online avatar he calls "Manhole Girl" in the hopes that some twisted Insomniac will rescue him. This leads to numerous on-screen messages and titles that plague the second half of the film.

However, there are some standout moments, including the overall physical impact and clunky production design (sets by Norifumi Ataka), especially the scene where Shunsuke has to use a small stapler to cut his leg off a ladder. . wound to prevent bleeding. The film pulls no punches when it comes to manipulating its big, beautiful star, and Nakajima willingly comes off as hilarious and obnoxious as its most played character.

#Manhole is an underrated concept that a Hollywood producer wants to fix, and there are ways to improve the situation while keeping the fundamentals intact. (Note that there's also a 2014 K-horror movie called Manhole , without the hashtag, about kidnapped little girls.)

It's one thing to add more humor and never take the plot too seriously – this version is often guilty, especially in the cook ending. But maybe there's not much you can do if you want to stick a movie down a hole and come out on top.

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