Bob Dylan Releasing Music From ‘Shadow Kingdom Film As An Album In June


Bob Dylan Releasing Music From ‘Shadow Kingdom Film As An Album In June

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Bob Dylan Releasing Music From ‘Shadow Kingdom Film As An Album In June
Bob Dylan Releasing Music From ‘Shadow Kingdom Film As An Album In June

When Bob Dylan filmed Shadow Kingdom on Veeps in July 2021, Variety reviewed the special, saying it had "new arrangements so good, everyone who saw it on Sunday screamed." for the soundtrack of an event, preferably on LP.'

This wish came true two years later. (But not just vinyl). Shadow Kingdom's music will be released as an album in June. The album version will be released on June 6 on streaming platforms and in CD and double LP format. The film itself, available for an initial one-week payment period, will also be available to rent and download for the first time in June.

The track from the album 'Watching the River Flow' is now available on DSP. The original version is a rather obscure 1971 song, certainly not for Dylanologists, but probably for most casual listeners, at least compared to the 60s, 70s and 70s. Things from the 80s that make up the collection.

The tracklist contains all 13 songs from the film, as well as the closing instrumental, now identified as "Sierra's Theme".

In July 2021, with little hope of what pandemic-era entertainment would bring from Dylan's camp, he subtitled it "Early Songs of Bob Dylan." Variety revised the broadcast ("Bob Dylan has the smoke and mirrors in his eyes, but not quite in his brilliant Lynch-esque 'Shadow Kingdom' voice") as saying, The '40s or '50s or a timeless twilight zone where every person in a small audience, men and women, burned like a fireplace in a unique and almost uncomic way. That collective roar you heard on Sunday came from the lungs of America. Association… One thing that didn't go away was the hope of Dylan fans who thought this special was going to be something special, but didn't know much about what they were signing up for when they paid the $25. received, many would d 'agree, it was better than they expected. it was shorter".

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Multiple media outlets reported on Thursday that the new release is a "live album" recorded "in concert." Hardly the music definitely has a raw raw vibe to it. In its original review of the film, Variety noted that the soundtrack was at least partially recorded before the film. “The actual location was rumored to be somewhere in Santa Monica, but the credits revealed that the location was filmed at the Bon Bon club in Marseille. (Of course, there is no such place). …We'll have to get out of there. A mystery for now and consider it music. – like an extended video, not a concert. Whoever played it was amazing."

The review also praised Dylan's vocals, saying, "He hasn't sounded better in decades… He had beautiful pitch in his melodic statements, even when he delivered them at a very high-pitched level, which obviously did as Pandemic dictated. . A year away from his usual touring routine".

Full track list.

When I paint my masterpiece

You can go your way (and I'll go mine)

Queen Jane Mott

I'll be your baby tonight

Like Tom Thumb's blues

The tombstone of the blues

Just be with yourself

what did you want

forever Young

My time commitment

The bad news

Watch the river flow

It's over now, Baby Blue

Sierra theme

The Rolling Stones – Paint It, Black (official lyric video)

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