Virginia Tech Shootings; Apollo 13 Lands Safely: News Journal Archives, Week Of April 16


Virginia Tech Shootings; Apollo 13 Lands Safely: News Journal Archives, Week Of April 16

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Virginia Tech Shootings; Apollo 13 Lands Safely: News Journal Archives, Week Of April 16

"Pages of History" contains excerpts from the News Journal archives, including the Wilmington Morning News and Every Evening.

April 16, 1947 Wilmington Morning News.

Dodgers beat Braves in Robinson debut

Pete Reiser, key to Brooklyn's chances, hit off-screen, one foot under the foul line in right field in the seventh inning yesterday at Ebbets Field as the Dodgers kicked off the 1947 campaign with a 5-3 win. over the Boston Braves.

Despite missing four official innings, Jackie Robinson, the first black player in the modern major leagues, officially made his Dodger debut with a perfect game and Reiser's game-tying home run. ball on first base…

April 17, 2007, Novosti magazine.

The Wai massacre claimed the lives of 33 people. Tech: Worst Mass Shooting in US History

Two hours after the Virginia Tech dormitory shooting, a vicious classroom attack killed 32 students, faculty and staff and injured at least 15.

The shooter, who was not named Monday night, carried two 9mm semi-automatic pistols and was wearing a vest with extra ammunition, law enforcement and witnesses said.

Witnesses described the shooter as a young man, a silent killer who was calm and expressionless as he pursued and shot his victims.

As soon as the police entered, he committed suicide.

He left two people in the dormitory and another 30 people in the scientific and technical building, where he shot students and teachers and shot the guard who was helping the victim …

The college community in Southwest Virginia began to wonder if most of the deaths could have been prevented. They wondered why the campus was not closed after the first shooting, which killed two people…

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Based on interviews with witnesses, the police regarded the first shooting as an isolated domestic incident and decided not to take any serious security measures, university officials said …

Last shooting in Delaware. What do we know about the April 8 shooting at Christina Mall that injured three people?

April 18, 1970 Morning News

The Apollo mission to the moon ended in a threat

Yesterday, after days of cold and danger, three weary American astronauts landed happily and purposefully in the Pacific Ocean, finally safe in the warmth of their home planet.

Minutes after returning to Earth, a doctor examining the astronauts aboard the aircraft carrier USS Iwo Jima reported that Fred W.

After the physical and dinner, Hayes went straight to bed. James A. Lovell Jr. and John L. Swigert Jr. they revisited the spacecraft that brought them back home after a near disaster…

They were exhausted by extremely dangerous times, long hours of discomfort, freezing of the cabin to thirty degrees, and a constant struggle to keep the battered ship afloat. Those tests began on Monday evening when an oxygen tank exploded in their service module, ending hope of landing on the moon and endangering the lives of the astronauts.

President Richard Nixon declared Sunday a National Day of Prayer and Thanksgiving…

April 20, 1995 News magazine

Terror in the heart of the country; As a result of the explosion in Oklahoma, dozens of people were killed, 300 people were missing.

A car bomb exploded in downtown America on Wednesday, killing at least 26 people and leaving 300 missing after the bomb tore through a nine-story federal office building in Oklahoma City.

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Among the dead were at least 12 young people, some of whom had just been taken to kindergarten by their parents.

No one claimed responsibility for the attack, which was the deadliest US bombing in 75 years.

Attorney General Janet Reno declined to comment on who might be behind the attack. President Bill Clinton called the suicide bombers "disgusting cowards" and Reno said the government would seek the death penalty…

April 21, 1999 News magazine

School in Colorado devastated by massacre

Two students wearing black raincoats entered a suburban high school with guns and explosives in a horrific terror attack in Littleton, Colorado on Tuesday that killed 25 people.

Several students said the killers targeted minorities and athletes.

It was the deadliest series of school shootings in recent years and shocked the American public.

Student Nick Foss said: "I finally realized that these guys are being shot at for no reason." He didn't say anything. just dead

Shooting at a Delaware high school. Shooting and fighting limit high school basketball playoff attendance

The gunmen, both freshmen at Columbine High School in this suburb of Denver, were found dead in the school library with self-inflicted gunshot wounds and a bomb around their bodies.

"This looks like a suicide mission," Sheriff John Stone said.

The students said the killers, who were not named, belonged to a group called the Trench Mafia, which wore long black coats, bragged about guns, and disliked blacks, Hispanics, and soccer players.

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This article first appeared in Delaware News. Virginia Technical Shooting; Sanctuary of Apollo 13. Access to news archive from 16 April

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