Biden 2024: The Polls, The Politics And Why He Needs Trump


Biden 2024: The Polls, The Politics And Why He Needs Trump

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Biden 2024: The Polls, The Politics And Why He Needs Trump
Biden 2024: The Polls, The Politics And Why He Needs Trump

President Joe Biden's announcement of his 2024 re-election campaign couldn't have come at a better or worse time for the 46th president of the United States.

Biden unveiled his fourth and final presidential campaign in a video released Tuesday, on the fourth anniversary of the launch of the successful 2020 campaign that landed him in the White House after four years of Donald Trump's presidency.

The announcement had been expected for several months.

The president has repeatedly declared his intention to run again, but has so far refrained from officially declaring himself a candidate. Aides blamed the lag on Biden's nature reserve when it comes to making important decisions, as well as a lack of serious opposition within his own party and a general dysfunction among Republicans that appears to be leading to a Biden rematch. and Mr. Biden. Trump.

But Biden teased the upcoming race on Monday, telling reporters who asked about his plans: “I told them I was going to race. I'll let you know very soon."

The possibility of a rematch between Biden and Trump is one reason Biden has delayed announcing his re-election plans.

He is America's oldest CEO (since Trump), and an overwhelming majority of voters say his advanced age (he will be 82 on Election Day) is concerning.

But the president and his inner circle see the continued presence on the American political scene of the twice impeached, impeached and disgraced president as an opportunity for Biden to return to the themes that helped his 2020 campaign a resonate with the audience. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

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Aides say Trump's potential status as leader of the Republican Party will give Biden an opportunity to remind voters why they elected him in the first place.

They also believe that the continued Republican focus on curtailing reproductive rights and Trump's role in appointing the Supreme Court justices who overturned abortion rights last year will result in a Democratic turnout equal to or greater than the record number of people who they voted for Biden. in 2020 and since then for Democratic candidates in elections.

Biden and his inner circle are betting they can repeat the momentum of that blockbuster 2020 period, highlighting the president's accomplishments over the past four years, especially his economic agenda and efforts to boost U.S. manufacturing.

However, according to polls, Biden's re-election is far from certain.

The polls of the president on the eve of the start of his election campaign are sharply mixed. Biden's approval rating is down in nearly every poll, including NBC's this week, in which seven out of 10 Americans said he shouldn't do it again and 54 percent disapproved of the work he's done at Chamber of Whites. His statement dealt a major blow in the summer of 2021, when the indiscriminate withdrawal of the last US troops from Afghanistan sparked widespread criticism after 13 US soldiers were killed in an attack by Islamic State militants.

These are dismal numbers for any sitting president, but they speak volumes about how Americans feel about 2024. With his hypothetical general election opponent not yet determined, the president has not taken the field. Company type. a way that will likely turn on his fans and hurt his opponents when he goes on the offensive.

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That doesn't mean there will be a sudden turn of fortune once the president begins his campaign, but some early polls about face-to-face with his most likely challenger in 2024, Donald Trump, still give cause for optimism. Biden leads most polls in the 2020 election, albeit by single digits, as do most polls that include former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley and the United Nations ambassador.

However, compared to Ron DeSantis, the Florida governor who is voting for Trump's GOP nomination in 2024, Biden fares less well, trailing DeSantis by single digits in nearly every poll.

However, DeSantis himself is coming out in the polls eyeing a hypothetical battle between Trump and DeSantis for the Republican nomination amid Trump's criminal impeachment and a series of attacks the former president has leveled at his new rival. Trump also has his own issues with Republican polls: A new poll by the AP and the University of Chicago's NORC Research Center found that 44 percent of Republicans don't want the former president to go on trial twice. .once done. However, he still has the highest net favor score of any known announced or unreported GOP 2024 contender.

There is a general feeling in most polls that Americans are unwilling to run again in 2020, while at the same time less enthusiastic about the alternatives. According to the latest Reuters/Ipsos poll, about 65% of Americans believe the country is on the wrong track.

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