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‘Sisu Movie Review: A Gold Mine For Fans Of Gore And Mindless Action


‘Sisu Movie Review: A Gold Mine For Fans Of Gore And Mindless Action

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‘Sisu Movie Review: A Gold Mine For Fans Of Gore And Mindless Action
‘Sisu Movie Review: A Gold Mine For Fans Of Gore And Mindless Action

A man who had previously suffered multiple gunshot wounds was placed in a bubble to die. Fortunately, he finds a rusty, thick nail pointing at a hanging pole, and unable to step on it to save himself, he goes through the bullet hole in his leg to support his body weight and relieve the pressure. . A loop If you find it attractive and disgusting, Sisu can be a bloody feast not to be missed .

The film was released in 1944. The film is about Atami Korpi (Zorma Tomila), a Winter War veteran who spends his last days as a gold prospector. When he found gold, he had to take the frogs to shore, literally 563 miles away, with a conventional drill. When a threat arises in the form of Nazi forces led by Bruno Helldorf (Axel Heiney) and his henchman Wolf (Jack Dolan), he embarks on a long and difficult journey through the remote Lapland wilderness. All hell breaks loose when Atami tries to steal the gold, and they learn why the man is nicknamed Koshei, which means "immortal".

Sisu (Finnish, English)

Director: Jalmari Helander

Actors: Jorma Tomila, Axel Heaney, Jack Doolan, Mimosa Villamo

Duration: 91 minutes

Plot: A prospector finds a rich gold deposit hundreds of kilometers away, which he wants to bank, but is blocked by the Nazis, who don't know its history.

World wars, exploitation, Nazis, damsels in distress and "meeting the wrong guy" are nothing new. But director Jalmari Hellander brings them together in a simple, straightforward, yet extremely powerful and moving historical action film. The Finnish word "sisu" is believed to have no direct equivalent in English; It has a wiki page dedicated to it, describing the concept as "unwavering determination, singleness, courage, tenacity and resilience". The film opens with a slide describing him as a "white-knuckle type of masculinity" and Atmi, as expected, keeps his word.

A still from ‘Sisu’

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Adapted from the movie "Sisu". Photo credit: Special Events

If it reminds us of some spaghetti westerns for gold mining and bloody sacrifice, this feels like an homage to Rambo, a war veteran who tears people apart. The movie also feels John Wick's past, due to the surprising actions and similarities of the main characters. Director Helander's idea that the film is set in that period creates the perfect environment for the massacre. Realizing that the Nazis are fighting a losing war, Heldorff and his team become prisoners of war and use the stolen gold to buy their freedom. A little sense of duty goes a long way in a movie that doesn't care about reason or reason like Sisu .

The action sequences are undoubtedly awesome. Aatami lets us enjoy hacking body parts with knives, machine guns, mines and even aerial bombs. If that's not enough, there are rooms where our hero must dig to remove the wounds and bullets that stick to his current occupation. Sisu takes the term "survival of the fittest" to a whole new level. His legendary status and subsequent actions lead us to believe that one character says he is immortal, while another corrects him by saying, "He's just immortal."

Sisu joins a long list of 101 Ways to Kill Nazi movies, and as the body count mounts, I hope Hitler is the last boss Eighth faces. After all, it's not often we see a movie where a soldier steps on a mine, killing him instantly, and picks up another mine as his severed leg flies across the field. Those who still bought it could have become icons at any time, thanks to Tomilla's mature performance in the title role. Overall, the film is unabashed in its love of true violence and gratuitous violence, and Season 4, along with John Wick, set the gold standard for action films released this year .

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Sisu is currently acting in theatre.

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