What Must Suns Do To Win Game 2 Vs. Nuggets? Arizona Republic Sports Writers Break It Down


What Must Suns Do To Win Game 2 Vs. Nuggets? Arizona Republic Sports Writers Break It Down

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What Must Suns Do To Win Game 2 Vs. Nuggets? Arizona Republic Sports Writers Break It Down

The Phoenix Suns are looking to end their Western Conference semi-final streak against the Denver Nuggets when Game 2 kicks off Monday night at 7:00 pm. So what do they need to conquer the sun? Here's what an Arizona Republic columnist had to say about the season:

It's time to fix your sunny attitude.

The Nuggets treated the Suns like offensive little brothers in Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals. Jamaal Murray can walk around Kevin Durant's living room in his work boots.

Monty Williams has to deal with this, and it will be more than just chatter. (However, it should begin with a speech to remind players that nuggets are not bowling balls or 10 pins.)

Most often this is due to the adjustment of the game plan. Too many one on one Devin Booker and Kevin Durant. The Suns only had 20 rebounds and 16 assists in the first game, and those numbers represent the result.

More importantly, the sun should better protect and rejuvenate the skin. It's all about effort and vision.

Frankly, the Suns need someone to mix and match. As a Suns fan who got hit in Denver a few years ago, "Sons on four!"

I am not saying that someone should use force. I mentioned that a guy called Sun at Four could teach this group a thing or two about wrestling.

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-Greg Moore

Give Biyombo more time, Landale, to get Ayton out of trouble.

Deandre Ayton struggled in Game 1. The versatile seven-footer had a tough time defending Nikola Jokic in and out of paint and also defending against pressure under Denver's hoop.

Ayton committed four fouls between the second and third quarters and played nearly two and a half minutes into the fourth quarter when the game was close with Phoenix leading by 13.

Because of this, Williams had to use more reserves than Phoenix, Bismack Biyombo and Jock Landale in Heat 2.

Biyombo and Landal played over six and 10 minutes respectively, and had three personal fouls in their first game. Landal came in after 1:44 when Ayten threw the last foul and played against the four. Landal scored seven points, Biyombo none.

Biyombo played defensively, guarding smaller players with his quick perimeter feet and ability to block larger players with his strong 6'8" frame. Lendle frequently goes on offense, straining the defense with his ability to hit threes. hit jumpers and bouncers.

If Williams wants to keep trying new lineups to figure out how to beat Denver, he will need to play more with Landlell and Biyombo to help Ayton stay in the game so he can attack more.

— Dan Scott

Simple enough: the Suns need to cool down Jamaal Murray.

Chris Paul called him.

Before the first game, he faced Nikola Jokic but said that Jamaal Murray turned on the Nuggets.

“It was brutal,” Paul said. “He can really score goals. You can tell that his team is using his energy. You know what Jokic is going to do, but Jamal is really doing it.

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Those words couldn't be truer after Murray scored 34 points and went 6 of 10 on three points to lead the Nuggets to a memorable Game 1 on Saturday.

So it's pretty simple: kill Murray to win game 2.

They can't overlook the pick-and-roll with Jokic because once he starts throwing deep, he can attack, get a pull-up or get to the ring and find a teammate.

Murray provided nine assists in Saturday's game.

The shot bounces off the glass at the tentacled Durant, a circus shot that usually doesn't fall, but hits someone nearby.

You cannot keep the Sun in this comfort zone.

He has subtle control, but the Suns need to be physically with him and catch him to get the ball out of his hands and for someone else to hit.

-Dwayne Rankin

Charles Barkley has never won an NBA championship. That's what bare hands do.

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