Figure humanoid robotics receives investment from Intel


Figure humanoid robotics receives investment from Intel

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Figure humanoid robotics receives investment from Intel

Intel Capital, one of the leading investors in technology startups, has made a significant equity investment of $9 million in Figure, an AI robotics company. This strategic move aims to accelerate the development of Figure 01, a cutting-edge autonomous humanoid robot, and establish an advanced AI data pipeline for autonomous operations. With this injection of capital and support from Intel, Figure is making remarkable progress towards commercialization.

Alongside other high-profile investors like Parkway Venture Capital, Brett Adcock, Aliya Capital, Bold Capital Partners, Tamarack Global, FJ labs, and Till Reuter (the former CEO of KUKA Robotics), Intel Capital participated in Figure’s Series A funding round. This collaboration demonstrates Intel’s belief in the company’s potential and their commitment to advancing the field of artificial intelligence in robotics.

Humanoid robotics

Humanoid robotics is a field of robotics that focuses on creating robots that resemble and mimic human behavior and characteristics. These robots are designed to look like humans, often having a torso, a head, two arms, and two legs, just like a human. The goal of humanoid robotics is to create robots that can function in human environments and perform tasks in the same way humans do.

There are several aspects to humanoid robotics:

  1. Physical Design: Humanoid robots are designed to resemble the human body. This includes having a similar body structure, such as a head, torso, arms, and legs. Some humanoid robots may also have faces, hands, and other human-like features.
  2. Movement: Humanoid robots are designed to move in ways that mimic human movement. This can include walking, running, jumping, and even performing complex tasks like dancing or playing sports.
  3. Interaction: Humanoid robots are often designed to interact with humans in a natural and intuitive way. This can involve understanding and responding to human speech, recognizing and interpreting human emotions, and even mimicking human behaviors.
  4. Cognitive Abilities: Some humanoid robots are equipped with artificial intelligence that allows them to learn from their experiences, make decisions, and solve problems. This can involve tasks like navigating a new environment, understanding complex instructions, or even playing a game of chess.
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Examples of humanoid robots include Honda’s ASIMO, Boston Dynamics’ Atlas, and Hanson Robotics’ Sophia.

Figure 01, Figure’s autonomous humanoid robot, has achieved several noteworthy technical milestones. In an exceptional feat, the robot took its first steps in May, less than a year after the company’s inception. This rapid progress marks a significant achievement in the history of humanoid development.

“Intel Capital is at the forefront of making big, bold frontier bets and we are excited to share the same vision of a better future,” said Brett Adcock, Founder and CEO of Figure. “This investment along with the global resources and expertise of the Intel team will help accelerate the growth and success of Figure.”

Brett Adcock, the Founder and CEO of Figure, expresses his enthusiasm for the shared vision between Figure and Intel Capital. He believes that Intel’s substantial investment, combined with their global resources and expertise, will greatly accelerate Figure’s growth and success.

Mark Lydon, the Managing Director at Intel Capital, commends Figure for its potential to redefine the boundaries of artificial intelligence. He acknowledges the significance of Figure’s mission to enhance labor economy and eagerly looks forward to supporting the company’s ongoing humanoid development.

“Intel Capital is constantly searching for companies that push the boundaries of innovation, and we believe that Figure has the potential to shift the way the world thinks about artificial intelligence,” said Mark Lydon, Managing Director at Intel Capital. “Figure’s focus on enhancing the labor economy is an essential part of our future, and we look forward to being at the forefront to support humanoid development.”

Intel Capital’s $9 million investment in Figure reinforces the company’s position as a leading player in robotics and artificial intelligence. This partnership will provide Figure with the necessary resources to expedite the development of Figure 01, their autonomous humanoid robot, and establish an advanced AI data pipeline for autonomous operations. As Figure continues to make remarkable strides, the synergy between Figure and Intel Capital ensures a promising future for AI robotics.

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