8 Online Communities You Can Use to Build Business Partnerships


8 Online Communities You Can Use to Build Business Partnerships

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8 Online Communities You Can Use to Build Business Partnerships

Partnering with allies who share our vision is arguably the best path to growing a successful enterprise. But forming solid business partnerships isn’t just about handshakes and business cards anymore.

There’s a new frontier where connections are made, ideas are sparked, and collaborations are born–the online community.

No longer confined to the people in our immediate vicinity, we can tap into partnership opportunities that span the globe.

This article will explore eight online communities that could be your gateway to finding the right business partnerships.

Finding the Right Partner: 8 Online Communities for Building Business Partnerships

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LinkedIn goes beyond being a mere job-seeking platform. It’s a bustling hub where industry leaders and like-minded entrepreneurs unite.

You can partake in targeted networking by engaging in groups and forums dedicated to specific industries or interests. Premium features like LinkedIn Sales Navigator further refine seeking the ideal partnership, making LinkedIn an essential tool for business growth.


Discourse offers a modern platform for community discussion not confined to one topic or industry. Businesses can create or join forums tailored to their interests, start conversations, and foster relationships with potential partners.

With robust moderation tools and a user-friendly interface, Discourse facilitates a rich environment for collaboration and networking that leads to successful business partnerships.

Mighty Networks

Mighty Networks is designed for creating and growing communities around shared interests or goals. Whether it’s a niche industry, a particular business practice, or a broader entrepreneurial journey, you can find or create a network that resonates with your vision.

Mighty Networks allow you to do much more than just build relationships. You can offer courses, events, etc. You can also use integration tools like email marketing, social media networks, and payment processors to expand your reach beyond the platform and further nurture partnerships.

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Circle is all about exclusivity and provides tools to create private community spaces for focused discussions and collaboration. Ideal for businesses looking to build deeper relationships, Circle’s features enable customization, integration with other platforms, and a seamless experience. 

Circle stands out due to its minimal learning curve–the community eagerly lends a hand and responds to inquiries. It also allows users to host videos directly. This eliminates the need for third-party video hosting platforms, providing a seamless experience for its users.


Slack is home to various industry-specific channels that provide a space for real-time communication and collaboration. Whether you’re part of a tech startup or a marketing professional, these channels enable you to discuss ideas and explore partnerships in a more casual environment.

The ability to integrate with other tools and platforms adds another layer of collaboration, making it a favored spot for modern businesses.


With Meetup, you can join or create local and virtual groups that align with your business interests. Users can set up regular meetings, events, and workshops that promote a sense of community, personal connection, and trust-building.

Whether you engage face-to-face or screen-to-screen, Meetup offers a platform to build relationships and explore partnership opportunities.


While Reddit started as a discussion forum for all individuals with varying interests, it has become a hub for building partnerships. The subreddits focusing on business, entrepreneurship, and specific industries are goldmines for information and connection.

Open forums enable genuine discussion, feedback, and exploration of potential collaborations. Regular AMAs (Ask Me Anything) with industry experts promote learning and networking opportunities that can lead to tangible business connections.

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Once you have enough Reddit Karma, you can direct the community to your partnership marketing platform, where partnership opportunities will multiply with a streamlined process.


AngelList is tailored for startups, offering an environment to meet investors, explore collaboration, and find the right talent. Through profile matching and transparency in investments, interests, and mutual connections, AngelList is a reliable platform for forging business partnerships.

Key Takeaway

You deserve a business partner as committed and motivated as you are for immense success. Online communities have emerged as powerful platforms for sparking collaborations and forming partnerships that align with your vision and goals.

The eight online communities we’ve explored here each offer unique opportunities to connect and grow your business:

LinkedIn: A hub for industry leaders and entrepreneurs, with targeted networking tools.

Discourse: A modern platform for diverse community discussion and collaboration.

Mighty Networks: A space for shared interests and goals, with tools for nurturing relationships beyond simple networking.

Circle: An exclusive environment for focused and private community collaboration.

Slack: A real-time communication space for casual discussions and integration with other platforms.

Meetup: A blend of local and virtual meetups for personal connection and trust-building.

Reddit: Open forums and subreddits focusing on business and entrepreneurship for genuine engagement.AngelList: Tailored for startups, connecting them with investors and potential collaborators.

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