Can You Charge Your Apple Watch with Your iPhone 14 Pro?


Can You Charge Your Apple Watch with Your iPhone 14 Pro?

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Can You Charge Your Apple Watch with Your iPhone 14 Pro?

Until now with the latest Apple iPhone 14 series, it’s not possible to charge your Apple watch using your iPhone. Because Apple iPhone 14 Pro has USB-C to Thunderbolt charger. Meanwhile, the Apple Watch lacks some of the ports that support Thunderbolt charging. So NO, you can’t charge your Apple Watch with your iPhone 14 Pro yet.

You surely heard some news or rumors like the new iPhone’s chargers have charging pads that can inductively charge your Apple watch. This is nothing but falsehood and gossip. The new iPhone 14 Pro or the entire iPhone 14 series doesn’t have any inductive pad that can charge the Apple watch. 

Both Apple Watch & iPhone 14 Pro or all of the iPhones can be charged together using Apple’s MagSafe Charger. Which is MagSafe Duo and it’s not included in the box. You need to buy that separately.

Other Options to Charge Your Apple Watch with Your iPhone 14 Pro

There are several ways to charge your Apple Watch with your iPhone 14 Pro. Using a wireless charging pad that supports both devices is one option. Utilizing a portable power bank with a built-in wireless charging pad is an additional choice. Additionally, there are docks that allow you to simultaneously charge your Apple Watch and iPhone. When you’re on the go, these options are practical and effective for charging your devices. Let’s jump into the details:

  1. Use a Power Bank with Charging Pad

Power banks can play a big role in charging your Apple Watch and iPhone 14 Pro together. There are multiple advantages of using a power bank and it’s too easy. Place your Apple Watch on the charging pad and connect your iPhone with a USB-C to Lightning cable. The power bank will charge both of the devices simultaneously. And as power banks are really portable, you can carry them anywhere in your bag, purse, or in your pocket. They are a reliable partner for outings, camping, or trekking in the hills. 

  1. Use Portable Snap-in Travel Charger
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This portable charger is suitable for all devices, regardless of whether you have an older series or the newest series of Apple Watch. It is a popular alternative for Apple Watch enthusiasts because of its incredibly low price and small size.

Key features: 

  • Charging via magnetic induction begins as soon as two objects come into contact.
  • Since this portable charger also has a USB-A charging connector, USB charging is supported.
  • It offers protection from short circuits.
  • With fast charging, your Apple Smartwatch will be fully charged in two to three hours.
  • You avoid the tangling and untangling of wires with a cableless design.
  • The charger is small enough to fit in your pocket or be used as a keychain.
  1. Use Portable Watch Box

All of the Apple Smartwatch models are compatible with this Japanese Sumato Watchbox. Both 38mm and 42mm dials are compatible. And to top it all off, the Sumato Watchbox can house your Apple Smartwatch. You can put your watch inside the box while it’s not being worn, and guess what? Doing so charges your smartwatch as well.

As the Watchbox has a built-in 5000 mAH power bank, you may charge your Apple Smartwatch from the battery. On a single charge, it may recharge your device up to ten times.

You don’t need to be concerned about where you put your Watchbox if you have the freedom to put your Apple Smartwatch inside. When you pull it out of a backpack or the dashboard of your car, it will be charged!

Whether it’s a car’s rear indication or an important indicator, indicators have made our lives easier. Imagine a Watchbox that alerts you when the battery is full so you won’t have to keep checking your Smartwatch.

  1. Use a MagSafe Duo Charger
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A decent option for charging both your Apple Watch and iPhone concurrently is MagSafe Duo. It includes two charging ports for your Apple Watch and iPhone thanks to its small design. Your gadgets need just be placed on the appropriate pads; the MagSafe technology will securely align them for quick charging. Fast charging is also supported by the MagSafe Duo for compatible iPhone models. It is ideal for travel because to its collapsible shape, which also makes it easy to transport. With the MagSafe Duo, charge your Apple Watch and iPhone simultaneously and with seamless simplicity.


In conclusion, utilizing your iPhone to directly charge an Apple Watch is not possible. A magnetic charging cable or a charging pad is commonly used to provide the Apple Watch with its specific specialized charging technique. There are other options, too, such as utilizing a power bank with a charging station that works with both Apple Watch and iPhone charging. These solutions make it convenient to charge two devices at once, making it simpler to maintain their power while on the road.

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