NuPhy Air75 V2 wireless mechanical keyboard preorders open


NuPhy Air75 V2 wireless mechanical keyboard preorders open

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NuPhy Air75 V2 wireless mechanical keyboard preorders open

In the wake of the successful launch of the original Air75 in September 2021, NuPhy has once again made waves in the tech world by opening preorders for its latest innovation, the Air75 V2 wireless mechanical keyboard. This new offering from NuPhy retains the sleek, minimalistic design of its predecessor, but with an added color choice of Basalt Black, giving users an extra touch of personalization.

The Air75 V2 is not just about aesthetics, though. The bottom case has been redesigned, boasting a more transparent and finer texture that allows the interiors of the keyboard to be clearly visible. This transparency extends to the internal components of the keyboard, which are color-matched to the keyboard’s theme. The light bars glasses are plated with thin layers of metal, enhancing both the aesthetics and durability of the device.

NuPhy Air75 V2 wireless mechanical keyboard

NuPhy Air75 V2  preorders

“As much as we pride ourselves in building innvoations and our own ideas into our products, we will have to make an exception for firmwares: starting with Air75 V2, all Airs will be shipped with QMK/VIA. We believe with the full realization of our hardwares’ pontential under the new firmware, its open source code, the endless key remapping, light customzation and other creative possibilities VIA offers our users, the fun has truly started!”

The Air75 V2 is a testament to NuPhy’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of what a keyboard can do. It offers great portability, making it equally at home on a desktop, laptop, or even on a mountain top. It challenges traditional limitations by supporting 4 devices simultaneously and unlocking a 1000Hz polling rate 2.4G connection. This puts the Air75 V2 in the same league as 1000 Hz pro-gaming keyboards, a feat not easily achieved.

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Compact wireless mechanical keyboard

Powering the Air75 V2 is a 60% larger 4000 mAh battery, which offers improved wireless performance that rivals a wired experience. The keyboard utilizes Nordic’s NRF52810/20 SoC with STM32F072 MCU’s high performance to minimize total trip delay. Benchmarks have shown that the new Air75’s latency performance is significantly improved, debunking the myth that low profile keyboards are unfit for professional gaming and low latency applications.

“Our floral lineup of low-profile switches have been met with growing enthusiasm since their launch with Air96, and we have been busy experimenting with the secret recipe of ultra-long travel, high-precision mold, and pre-lubing, looking for ways to perfect it and give you more flavours.

Taking a page from Gateron’s Baby Kangaroo, Moss is the first early bump tactile switch for low profile keyboards. If an extra spicy typing feel is your thing, Moss with its 16.5mm spring and only 0.6mm of bump distance shouldn’t be missed. Another change in the lineup is the revamped Daisy, now called Cowberry, whose pre-travel has been shortened to 1.1mm to enable rapid firing rate for gaming and all the non-gaming purposes that need it.”

The Air75 V2 is not just about performance, but also about customization. It supports VIA’s key remapping and macro on all major desktop platforms, making it easy for users to tailor the keyboard to their needs. The keyboard features double-shot PBT keycaps, offering crisper texts, more vibrant colors, and record-beating thinness. The Win/Mac mode switch is now fully integrated with VIA’s layers, making it more extensible and customizable.

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The keyboard also supports the newest MacOS shortcuts through QMK, and the F-keys replacement keycaps, which debuted on Air96 keyboard, have also been added to Air75. NuPhy plans to continue developing new hardware and software features to provide extra value to its users, ensuring that the Air75 V2 is not just a keyboard, but a tool that enhances productivity and gaming experiences.

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