Satechi laptop docking station with with NVMe SSD storage $150


Satechi laptop docking station with with NVMe SSD storage $150

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Satechi laptop docking station with with NVMe SSD storage 0

Satechi has once again proven its prowess creating professional accessories with the introduction of the Dual Dock Stand, a laptop docking station that is not only versatile but also highly efficient. This innovative docking station, equipped with NVMe SSD storage, is currently available at a competitive price of $150.

The Dual Dock Stand is a marvel of modern technology, boasting two HDMI ports and one DisplayPort. This allows users to expand their screen capacity to a stunning 4K/60Hz resolution. The docking station offers the flexibility to connect up to two monitors in extended mode, using either two HDMI ports or a combination of one DisplayPort and one HDMI connection.

Satechi laptop docking station connectivity

Satechi’s Dual Dock Stand is available on for $149.99. As a bonus, it is B0% off with the code NVME20 until tomorrow August 24th 2023.

One of the standout features of the Dual Dock Stand is its ability to provide continuous power for MacBooks through a USB-C power port. This feature delivers a robust 75W power delivery, ensuring that your device stays powered up and ready to go.

Laptop docking station with SSD storage

“Elevate your setup and boost your computer’s performance with the new Dual Docking Station with NVMe SSD Enclosure. Designed for both business and creative professionals, this dual dock will transform your Apple MacBook or Windows laptop into a powerful hub. Simply connect the dock via the included detachable dual USB-C connectors and power away. Both connectors must be connected simultaneously for the dock to function properly; they can be separated to expand compatibility to host devices other than MacBooks. “

But the Dual Dock Stand is not just about power and connectivity. It also incorporates an SSD Enclosure that supports both NVMe and SATA SSDs. This feature allows for rapid data transfers, efficient backups, seamless data recovery, and reliable external storage at impressive speeds of up to 10Gbps.

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The docking station also offers two USB-C data ports, providing high-speed connectivity choices of 5Gbps and 10Gbps. This ensures that your data transfer needs are met with speed and efficiency. Designed with the user in mind, the Dual Dock Stand features an advanced ergonomic design that integrates seamlessly with both Apple and Windows laptops. The elevated angle provides an inclined view of the display, while the design also allows for efficient heat dissipation.

Satechi laptop dock with SSD storage

Compatibility is key in the world of technology, and the Dual Dock Stand does not disappoint. It is compatible with a wide variety of systems, including Microsoft, Mac, and Lenovo devices, as well as other notebooks with a standard USB-C interface. The docking station can be connected via the included dual USB-C connectors, which must be used simultaneously for the dock to function properly. This ensures a seamless and efficient connection every time.

Satechi laptop dock rear view

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