Hockey’s Priceless Relics: A Look at the Most Expensive Memorabilia


Hockey’s Priceless Relics: A Look at the Most Expensive Memorabilia

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Hockey’s Priceless Relics: A Look at the Most Expensive Memorabilia


There are many things that make the sport so popular and something we cannot imagine our lives without. The sport simply unites people and promotes health and competitiveness, yet equality and a chance to be a champion for everyone. On the other hand, there is also something special about sport for those who just watch it, which is why many people buy various items from their favorite player or/and team. This brings us to hockey because some of the highest-valued collectibles come from this sport, which is something we will discuss further.

Paul Henderson’s jersey


Creating hockey memorabilia that’s worth something takes time and money, but the good thing is there are various items hockey enthusiasts can collect, ranging from cards, packs, and sticks to signed images. One of the things that have a high value among those who follow and collect hockey memorabilia is a jersey, and Paul Henderson’s Summit Series Jersey is definitely at the top of that list. Namely, this jersey was worn in one of the most iconic hockey moments back in 1972. It was the winning goal that made it so special and valuable, which is why it was sold at a remarkable price of more than 1.2 million dollars in 2010. Understandably, those who love this sport and would like to have a signed jersey can get it today at a much more reasonable price, and the only thing to worry about is picking the right place to purchase autographed hockey jerseys because the goal is to get an authentic jersey that hockey player has really signed and not just some copy.

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Wayne Gretzky’s rookie card


Everyone who is into collecting cards or any kind of memorabilia is well aware that certain cards always have a bit higher value, and sports-wise cards that are rare, are always among the highest-valued ones. Namely, there are three crucial parameters that determine how valuable some item or, in his case, the card will be. The first one is how rare that certain item is, the second one is whether it is some special moment, and the third one is the popularity and the impact athletes had on the sport they played. Considering all these facts, it is nothing unusual that Wayne Gretzky’s rookie card is the most valuable card on the planet.

Also known as the “Great One,” Gretzky had an amazing career and has set several records that will be hard to beat. Besides that, his influence on hockey and how many people start following this sport because of him make him one of the most important hockey players in the history of hockey. Now, besides his impact on the popularity of hockey, his rookie card is also highly valued because no one knew that he would become the best that ever played this game, meaning that his rookie card wasn’t printed in so many copies. All of this is the reason why in 2021, his rookie card was sold for $3.75 million.

Pucks used in the game


A hockey game cannot be played without a puck, as it is a piece of standard equipment, and people who collect sports memorabilia know how valuable some of them are. Of course, being in possession of the puck from any match, especially those you have visited, can be a great memory and have a special place on the shelf, but not all of them can be sold for a huge amount of money. Each puck has the date of the match and logos of both clubs and in most cases, the older the date, the more valuable this item is. The best example is the puck from 1928-29 used by Boston Bruins, which was sold for an amazing $6,500, and there is no doubt it can be re-sold for an even higher amount of money.

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Besides vintage pucks that almost always have a high value, people who own one from some of the important games, such as finals, can sell them for a lot of money too, or keep them in their collection to make it more valuable. There are a few factors that determine how valuable the puck is, so make sure to check them all before making the decision of whether to sell it or keep it.

Stanley Cup trophy


Each hockey lover knows how important for one team is to win the Stanley Cup trophy, so it is not a surprise that owning a replica in a collection is one of the most valuable items one can get. Each of them is special, especially if your team has won it, so it has a sentimental value too, but the one sold for the most money is the bowl that was used as an inspiration for the trophy we now can see. The original bowl was sold at an auction for $4.9 million in 2018, and is considered the most expensive hockey memorabilia ever.

One of the reasons for that is that the Stanley Cup trophy we now know is in possession of the winner until someone else wins this cup, and it is considered one of the oldest trophies in the world which is still used. Thanks to that, the bowl that served as an inspiration is the relic that each fan wants to touch at least once in a lifetime, not to mention owning it in a collection.

The bottom line

Creating a valuable hockey memorabilia collection is not a cheap investment, but if you are a true lover, you will sometimes be a little thoughtless when wanting to add some items to it. These are some of the most expensive items, and there is no doubt their value is increasing, and they can be sold for even more money, and if you want to start a collection, we recommend starting with less expensive items. Love is the key, and gathering the items with sentimental value will make the entire collection more valuable, and no one can predict how valuable it will be in a few years, and if you do not believe us, just remember Wayne Gretzky’s rookie card.

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