Cruise the Trails in Comfort with the Thumper Fab Tracker Side by Side


Cruise the Trails in Comfort with the Thumper Fab Tracker Side by Side

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When you want a rugged, heavy-duty side by side that can conquer tough trails while keeping passengers comfortable, the Tracker from Thumper Fab is the ultimate machine. Engineered for work and play, this side by side combines brawny power with customized luxury features.

Where Can You Go with Your Tracker? 

  • Off-roading through rugged mountain trails – With high ground clearance and 4WD, a Thumper Fab side-by-side could handle rocky, steep trails to remote camping spots and scenic overlooks.
  • Desert trailing – Tackling sandy dunes and arroyos in the desert is exciting with a powerful Thumper Fab side-by-side. The strong suspension soaks up bumps and divots.
  • Beach cruising – Riding up and down the beach on a Thumper Fab side-by-side would be a blast. Go searching for the perfect fishing spot or cruise the shoreline taking in coastal views.
  • Farm and ranch work – A Thumper Fab side-by-side is the perfect utility vehicle for tasks around large properties and farms. Haul feed, tools, and supplies wherever they’re needed.
  • Hunting and fishing – Access remote hunting and fishing spots while carrying all your gear in a rugged Thumper Fab. The cargo space and accessories make transporting equipment easy.
  • Camping and tailgating – Use the Thumper Fab to set up for camp or your ultimate sports tailgate. Transport tents, grills, coolers and more with room to spare.
  • Trail riding – For motorsports parks with dirt trails and obstacle courses, a Thumper Fab side-by-side would provide thrill-seeking fun for the whole crew.

With its blend of power, cargo capacity, and trail-tackling prowess, a Thumper Fab side-by-side can take you on amazing expeditions wherever the path leads!

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Reasons The Thumper Fab Tracker Stands Out:

Potent Engine Options

At the heart of the Tracker sits your choice of powerful 1000cc engines: 

– 999cc EFI – 80HP engine with electronic fuel injection delivers instant throttle response

– 999cc Carbureted – 85HP V-twin engine provides brisk acceleration

Both liquid-cooled options provide hearty low-end torque to muscle through mud, hills, and obstacles while towing or hauling.

Smooth, Comfortable Ride Quality

The Tracker utilizes a double A-arm front and rear suspension system to soak up bumps and ruts on rough trails. Oversized shocks with adjustable preload allow tuning the ride for passengers and cargo loads.

Road-gripping 10″ aluminum wheels wrapped in 25″ Maxxis Bighorn tires further improve the comfort and handling. A plush contoured bench seat and tilt steering wheel keep drivers relaxed on long rides.

Customizable Storage and Cargo Options

Hauling gear out on the trails? The Tracker has you covered. It comes equipped with a heavy-duty rear cargo rack with 200-pound capacity. You can further expand cargo space with Thumper Fab accessory add-ons like:

– Roof mounted storage rack for packing in more supplies- Lockable rear storage box to safely stow tools and equipment- Custom fender flares with integrated storage compartments

Half and full windshields are also available to increase cabin comfort.

Worksite Toughness and Durability

From the ground up, the tracker side by side is engineered for hard use. The full steel frame provides a rock-solid foundation even when loading up cargo or towing.

Full skid plating underneath protects vital components from impacts and debris. High clearance and a 4WD drivetrain give you traction and maneuverability for gnarly off-road conditions.

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Whether you need a tough work rig or a recreational trail explorer, the Thumper Fab Tracker has the durability to handle it.

Safety Features for Responsible Riding

– 3-point seat belts for all passengers- Steel roof structure for rollover protection- Locking rear differential for enhanced traction- Heavy-duty front brush guard protects occupants- Side mirrors and automotive-style horn

Thumper Fab stands behind the safety and quality of the Tracker with a 1 year bumper to bumper warranty.

Choose Your Ideal Configuration

With available accessories like audio systems, LED light bars, and winches, you can fully customize your Tracker. Different colors, wheels, and seat options allow you to define your style.

When you’re ready to rule the trails in total comfort without sacrificing capability, the Thumper Fab Tracker brings the perfect blend of luxury and power. Take one for a test drive today!

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