Make AI videos and animations combining Midjourney and Runway


Make AI videos and animations combining Midjourney and Runway

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Make AI videos and animations combining Midjourney and Runway

If you would like to take your AI art generation to the next level and start generating videos combining the power of Midjourney with that of Runway.  this guide will provide an overview of how you can use both tools together with your creativity to build animations for a wide variety of different applications.

The fusion of Midjourney and Runway is opening up new avenues for creating captivating videos, trailers, animations, and more. A world where crafting a video is as simple as typing out a story or an idea. No cameras, no directors, no actors, just pure imagination translated into visuals. If this idea intrigues you, you’ll be pleased to know that we’re already there. With Runway Research’s recent advancements, the dream of generating videos from mere text is now a reality.

Founded by a team of artists, Runway’s underlying vision was clear: harness the vast potential of AI to offer endless creative possibilities to storytellers around the globe. Their determination and continuous innovation over the past five years have culminated in the development of unique video generation models, aptly named Gen-1 and Gen-2. These tools, part of the AI Magic Tools suite, are already gaining traction among top-tier companies, reshaping the way they tell stories and optimize their workflows.

Make AI videos with Midjourney and Runway

This tutorial below provides an intriguing glimpse into the process, as demonstrated by Christian Heidorn, who was inspired by a similar project by Nicolas Noibat.

Heidorn’s journey into the world of AI art generation began with the selection of the perfect music. The chosen track, “Nuclear Bomb” by Wild Sound 159, set the tone and rhythm for the entire video. The music’s cinematic quality was instrumental in shaping the overall theme of the project.

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The next step in Heidorn’s creative process was the crafting of a compelling narrative. He employed chat GPT, a tool adept at shaping key story details. The resulting tale centered around a detective named Jane Carter, who returns to her hometown to unravel a series of murders eerily reminiscent of an unsolved case from her past. To bring this story to life, Heidorn used Midjourney and Runway Gen 2 to create images and animated clips for each scene. The character of Jane was born from a specific prompt, with a seed used to ensure consistency in her appearance throughout the video.

However, the journey was not without its challenges. Heidorn encountered difficulties with animating faces in Gen 2, as they often became distorted during the animation process. He also faced issues during the editing process, such as clips being too short, sequences not feeling right, and clips not looking as good as initially thought.

Fine tuning

Despite these hurdles, Heidorn persevered, using DaVinci Resolve, a free video editor, to edit the trailer and ensure that the cutscenes were in harmony with the music’s beats. He also had to resort to an external image editor to add text to one of the images, and faced challenges with maintaining consistency in the character’s face.

The fine-tuning process proved to be time-consuming and subjective, hinging on the creator’s willingness to compromise on certain aspects. Yet, Heidorn’s experience underscores the potential of combining Midjourney and Runway to create unique and engaging content. He encourages others to explore these tools and techniques, and to embark on their own journey into the world of AI art generation.

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How to use Runway Gen-2 to create AI videos

If you’re wondering how to dive into this fascinating world of image plus text-to-video creation, here’s a simple guide to get you started with Runway’s Gen-2 model:

  1. Initiating Your Video Creation
    • Begin by thinking of a unique text prompt. This is essentially the narrative or idea you want to visualize. Whether you have a clear idea in mind or need a nudge in the right direction, Runway offers automatic prompt suggestions to spark your creativity.
  2. Fine-Tuning for Perfection
    • Once your text is ready, delve into the advanced settings available on the platform. Here, you can customize various aspects of your video:
      • Save specific seed numbers to recreate or modify previous generations.
      • Opt for upscaling to enhance the video resolution, ensuring clarity and sharpness.
      • Use the interpolation feature to ensure smoother transitions between video frames.
  3. Breathe Life into Your Text
    • With your settings in place, all that’s left is to hit the “Generate this” button. In no time, your text transforms into a bespoke video creation. You have the option to download your masterpiece or save it within your Runway assets for future use.

Runway’s trajectory in the realm of AI and creativity hasn’t gone unnoticed. Recently, the company secured a whopping $141M extension to its Series C funding. With giants like Google, NVIDIA, and Salesforce Ventures backing them, it’s evident that Runway’s approach to blending art and technology resonates with many. This financial boost is set to further their in-house research, driving them to design state-of-the-art multi-modal AI systems. Moreover, the company plans to expand its talented team across various domains like research, engineering, and product development.

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As we navigate through an era where technology and creativity seamlessly intertwine, platforms like Runway stand at the forefront, offering tools that are not only technologically impressive but also artistically empowering. The next time you have a story to tell, remember, you don’t necessarily need a camera—just a vivid imagination and Runway’s AI-powered platform.

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