How to illustrate and publish children’s books using AI


How to illustrate and publish children’s books using AI

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How to illustrate and publish children’s books using AI

In the realm of children’s literature, a variety of AI tools are making waves, including ChatGPT, the Midjourney AI art generator, and more. This innovative technology is not only disrupting writing and image generation but is also revolutionizing image and content creation, particularly in the creation of children’s books. The versatility of Midjourney, when combined with ChatGPT’s storytelling capabilities, is astounding. It offers the ability to easily illustrate and write a wide variety of children’s books, including coloring books, character cartoon books, and even comic books.”

The magic of Midjourney lies in its ability to generate illustrations based on prompts. The choice and sequence of words in these prompts can significantly influence the final outcome. For instance, when creating a coloring book, prompts such as “clean coloring book page of an elephant, black and white” or “a coloring book for kids, elephant getting groomed, studio ghibli style, black and white, thick lines, low detail, no shading” can be used to great effect.

However this is just the single example.  For a more in-depth guide jump over to the website for a full cheatsheet on how to create a children’s book using Midjourney.  Or check out the full four-part series on how to write, illustrate and publish a children’s book to Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) created by Scott Swanson

Illustrate and publish children’s books using AI

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The simplicity of Midjourney is another of its many charms. For children’s picture books, straightforward prompts can yield impressive results. To achieve a more cartoonish style, tags like clip art, doodle, or cartoon can be added to the prompt.

But the capabilities of Midjourney don’t stop there. It can also create comic books, presenting a unique challenge of constructing scenes in a visually engaging manner that propels the story forward. Character design sheet prompts can be employed to create various poses for a single subject, facilitating the creation of a character with a range of emotions.

One of the most exciting features of Midjourney is its ability to mimic the styles of renowned illustrators. By blending different elements, a children’s book with a very specific style can be crafted. This opens up a world of possibilities for authors and illustrators alike.

The golden rule of Midjourney is its limitless potential for combination. The first picture ever created with Midjourney was a dog with wings, a testament to the boundless creativity this tool can inspire. In the world of children’s literature, Midjourney is not just a tool, but a game-changer, opening up new horizons for creativity and innovation.

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