Moonhack 2023 online young coding challenge launches


Moonhack 2023 online young coding challenge launches

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Moonhack 2023 online young coding challenge launches

In an exciting development for young coding enthusiasts worldwide, Code Club Australia, powered by the Telstra Foundation, has announced the launch of Moonhack 2023. This free global online coding challenge, which has seen participation from nearly 44,000 young people across 63 countries in 2022, is set to take place from October 10 to 26, 2023. The event coincides with World Space Week 2023, adding an extra layer of excitement to the proceedings.

Moonhack 2023 is not just any coding challenge. It’s a unique platform that encourages young learners to explore the realms of space and innovation through coding. This year, the challenge features six new projects, each focusing on different aspects of space and innovation. These projects are available for Scratch, micro:bit, and Python, offering a wide range of options for participants.

“Moonhack gets kids together to learn how to code. This year our theme is Space and Innovation. Moonhack is a free international event bringing kids from across the world together for two weeks of coding! Suitable for kids ages 8-15, it’s a free, easy and hands-on way to get coding, no matter where you are. Over the last 8 years Moonhack has seen over 190 000 children coding Moonhack projects.

Telstra Foundation is the philanthropic arm of Telstra. We back initiatives that enable young people to thrive in their connected world including Code Club Australia. Code Club is a nationwide network of volunteer-led coding clubs with a mission to #getkidscoding! All Code Clubs are free to join, and are supported by volunteers, parents, educators and our partners.”

Moonhack 2023

For the first time in Moonhack’s history, participants are given the freedom to code their own solution to a space-based issue using a programming language of their choice. This innovative approach is in line with the 2023 theme of ‘Space and Entrepreneurship’. The theme aims to showcase inventions created for space exploration that are now used in everyday life, highlighting the real-world opportunities that coding can offer.

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The stakes are high for participants, as they stand a chance to have their project developed into an official Code Club Australia project. This is a golden opportunity for young coders to make their mark in the world of coding and innovation.

Registration for Moonhack 2023 is now open, and projects can be submitted until November 30. The challenge is open to any young coder, regardless of whether they are part of a Code Club. This inclusivity ensures that every young coder gets a fair chance to showcase their skills and creativity.

In a bid to make the challenge more accessible, the 2023 projects are available in multiple languages, with more languages to be added soon. This initiative is a testament to Code Club Australia’s commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive coding community.

Code Club Australia, powered by the Telstra Foundation in partnership with the Raspberry Pi Foundation, continues to inspire young minds to explore the limitless possibilities of coding. With Moonhack 2023, they are set to take this mission to new heights, encouraging young learners to code their way to the stars.

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