New Google Chat service launches with Duet AI integration


New Google Chat service launches with Duet AI integration

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New Google Chat service launches with Duet AI integration

Google unveiled its latest innovation, a new Google Chat service featuring Duet AI. This enhanced chat experience is not only proficient in the basics but is also future-ready, thanks to the integration of AI technology. The user experience in Chat has been significantly improved with an updated color palette, typography, and visual styling based on Google’s Material 3 design language.

The membership limit of spaces has been significantly increased from 8,000 to 50,000, and will support up to 500,000 members. Huddles are being added to Chat for real-time audio and video conversations integrated directly into the Chat experience.

What is Duet AI?

Duet AI is a generative AI platform that helps users write, visualize, organize, and accelerate workflows across Google Workspace. It is currently in beta and is only available to enterprise customers. Duet AI has already been utilized by thousands of companies and over a million testers in Google Workspace, is set to revolutionize productivity.

The integration of Duet AI in the new Chat service will provide updates, insights, and proactive suggestions across Google Workspace apps. It will also answer complex queries by searching across messages and files in Gmail and Drive, summarizing documents, and providing recaps of missed conversations.

Direct messages and spaces are now unified in a single conversation list, with new shortcuts including a chronological home view, @mentions, and starred conversations.

The home view is set to become smarter and more dynamic next year, prioritizing messages based on communication patterns. Chat will also feature a smart canvas, with smart chips for quick file sharing and improvements to in-line threading.

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New Google Chat with Duet AI

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The search function in Chat is being updated with a redesigned results page and enhanced features, including suggested queries, autocomplete, “did-you-mean” suggestions, and AI-based relevance ranking of results. Autocorrect is being added to the suite of AI-powered composition features.

Workspace and third-party apps can be integrated directly into conversations. Google is also working with external partner Mio to provide message interoperability with other major platforms. Chat provides real-time data loss prevention warnings and admin-customizable messages. Content moderation will be rolled out in the admin console by the end of the year.

Chat connects with other Workspace apps to simplify tasks and reduce context switching. Google Groups will be integrated with spaces in Chat by the end of the year. Google Chat is now a stronger foundation for anytime collaboration with the integration of Duet AI says Google.

Google Chat is available to all Workspace users, and those without Workspace can explore its capabilities with a 14-day trial or by speaking with a Workspace customer specialist. To learn more about the new Google Chat service featuring Duet AI jump over to the Google official website an announcement page.

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