NuPhy back to school sales starts today up to 15% off


NuPhy back to school sales starts today up to 15% off

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NuPhy back to school sales starts today up to 15% off

Following on from the announcement that preorders of now open for its latest Air75 V2 wireless mechanical keyboard. Custom keyboard manufacturer NuPhy has today announced the start of its back to school offering up to 15% off its fantastic range of keyboards.

Two options are available offering discounts of the Halo keyboards either enter code : H12 for a 12% discount off the keyboard or if you are considering purchasing both the keyboard and a wrist rest use the code : H15 to save 15% of the bundle.

NuPhy Halo wireless mechanical keyboard

The Halo65 keyboard, designed for professionals and heavy users, is a testament to NuPhy’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of wireless mechanical keyboard technology. Every component, from the cap to the coating, and from the actuator to the damper, has been fine-tuned to create a typing experience that is unparalleled.

NuPhy has taken a radical approach to the design language of the Halo65, challenging the stereotypes of what is possible with high-profile keyboards. The keyboard features a band of light, the ‘Halo’, which unites the solid unibody aluminum frame with the laser-polished ABS base.

This is the first time such a design has been seen on a fully assembled keyboard. The base, inspired by Ionic columns, enhances both the grip and the sense of height, bringing vibrancy to the minimalist, achromatic aluminum frame. The frame is available in wear-resistant anodized matte black and electrophoresis-coated ionic white.

NuPhy back to school sale

Multitasking  Mac and Windows support

NuPhy is committed to minimizing delays, whether it’s pairing with a new setup on the road, multitasking between up to four different Mac/Windows devices, or heavy-duty editing and gaming. The Halo65, with its seamless tri-mode connection integration, perfect dual-OS support, and a 4000mAh built-in battery that can sustain 320 hours of continuous use, is always ready when you need it.

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In addition to its hardware innovations, NuPhy has been updating and fine-tuning the multimedia keys layout and function for MacOS/Windows on its keyboards. This includes the implementation of shortcuts for Apple’s dedicated ‘Spotlight’ and ‘Dictation’ keys in Halo65’s Mac mode. The company is committed to finding more ways and shortcuts to bring extra value to its users on the software side.

NuPhy’s back-to-school sale is an opportunity not to be missed. With discounts of up to 15% on its range of keyboards, it’s the perfect time to upgrade your tech game and experience the future of keyboard technology.

NuPhy back to school sale

NuPhy back to school sale discounts

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