22 WooCommerce Plugins That Every Online Store Should Have


22 WooCommerce Plugins That Every Online Store Should Have

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22 WooCommerce Plugins That Every Online Store Should Have

Running an online store doesn’t come with instructions. Sure, there are a few common basics, like using WooCommerce to set up the foundation for your website. Once that is done, you’ll need some premium plugins for your online store.

To stand out, ordinary open-source tools won’t do. It’s essential that you only invest your resources in premium-grade, professionally developed, and well-supported plugins for checkout, billing, marketing, and other purposes.

Online Store Fundamentals

1.   Stripe For WooCommerce

Obviously, a good online store shouldn’t capitalize on a single payment gateway. Having said that, it’s hard to go wrong with a dedicated extension for such a distinguished payment platform as Stripe. With the Stripe plugin for WooCommerce, your buyers can pay through credit cards, use digital wallets, and integrate other payment gateways for stress-free shopping.

2.   Checkout Field Editor by JCodex

Poor checkout is probably one of the biggest causes of online store bounce rates, poor reviews, and abandoned carts. With the Checkout Field Editor, you can tailor your checkout by adding, removing, or validating mandatory or custom fields for billing, shipping, and more.

3.   Table Rate Shipping Method

Making your shipping services flexible and easy to understand is a no-brainer in the context of online shopping. Table Rate Shipping Method enables you to present and set up shipping rates based on the order, product weight, delivery location, and more. You can offer shipping discounts and fashion a delivery mechanism that perfectly reflects you as a good and service provider.

4.   Titan Anti-spam & Security

Online businesses need to avoid spam and security threats like the plague. For tackling spam and bots head-on, Titan Anti-spam & Security offers firewalls, page scanning, and several other security features.

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5.   BackWPup

Aside from cybersecurity, maintaining your data is a staple of running any online place of work. So, BackWPupperforms routine backups with the help of multiple backup clients. So, your vital store information and customer data will stay intact in the face of uncertainty or downtime.

6.   Accelerated Mobile Pages

AMP for WP allows you to optimize your WooCommerce store for responsiveness on smaller screens. As a result, a store website that loads faster on smartphones offers greater traffic and SEO.

7.   WooCommerce Multilingual and Multicurrency

WooCommerce Multilingual and Multicurrency offers businesses to translate every aspect of their content to the benefit of millions of non-English audiences. With DeepL powered authentic translation and accurate currency conversion, your online shop can easily cater to a wider customer base.

Facilitating Vendors And Store Owners

8.   WCFM Marketplace

WCFM Marketplace enables to set up a multi-vendor marketplace, where multiple businesses can take charge of their sales while complying with your own policies. This lets you sell more goods and bring in more buyers.

9.   Brevo – Email Marketing Plugin

Brevo can set up SMTP campaigns and schedule emails, newsletters, and subscriber forms for you. This keeps your shoppers engaged and you in the loop with their needs.

10.                CTX Feed

If you’re expanding your reach, being visible on social media and platforms like Amazon and Google Shopping is important. CTX Feed heps you generate feeds stocked with new product recommendations and key attributes.

11.                Lara’s Google Analytics

Lara’s Google Analytics connects your WooCommerce store with several analytics solutions, including GA4. You’ll be able to analyze buyer habits, changing traffic trends, conversion-bounce ratios, and more metrics.

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12.                Easy Updates Manager

Keeping your core plugins and store themes updated is important, but it can be a drag. Easy Updates Manager keeps everything compatible and up-to-date, and you can decide which updates will be automatic or manual.

13.                Load More Products for WooCommerce

Generally, the “more” or “related” products section of online stores facilitates buyers. But with Load More Products for WooCommerce, you increase your store’s sales by showcasing a wide range of product.

14.                S2W – Import Shopify to WooCommerce

Struggling to move your Shopify store to the realm of WordPress? S2W makes it considerably easier for stores to move product details, navigation essentials, CSV data, and everything else to from Shopify to WooCommerce.

Elevating Customer Experience

15.                Broken Link Checker

Maintaining a fully live online store is important and Broken Link Checker accomplishes that by living up to its name. Pinpointing and immediately taking care of broken URLs and faulty redirects saves your buyers from frustration.

16.                YITH WooCommerce Wishlist

Like the Checkout Field Editor, the YITH WooCommerce Wishlist can prevent cart abandonment. With it, buyers can easily curate, customize, and even share their own personal wishlists.

17.                ThriveDesk

Taking your customer relations to new heights often calls for a direct approach, which is precisely ThriveDesk’s chat client is for. With it you can keep up with queries, comments, and complaints in real time, which helps reassure buyers.

18.                PDF Packing Slips & Invoices

Digital receipts offer a touch of professionalism that responsible buyers appreciate. PDF Packing Slips & Invoices does this by auto-generating and sharing billing accurate documents for your client’s personal records.

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19.                OneClick Chat to Order

OneClick Chat to Order helps you impress and serve buyers by giving them the option to engage via WhatsApp. Thus, they’ll find it much easier to place orders or even inquire about product from the comfort of their phones.a product

20.                Client Portal

Client Portal is another WooCommerce plugin that lives up to its name by offering clients a personalized spot on your online store. Here, they can track their orders, revise their history, and even enjoy exclusive store offering.

21.                IvorySearch

Most online customers will appreciate a robust mechanism for navigating products in an online store. IvorySearch helps them locate products based on tags, categories, and even image metadata.

22.                CusRev

CusRev helps setup impartial review and ratings sections under each section. This promoting more informed purchases and makes for a much more authentic customer experience.


Adding plugins to websites is nothing new in e-commerce, but choosing which one’s make your WooCommerce store can make a difference. With these plugins, you can certainly stand out as a store worth returning to.

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