Create an AI second brain to increase your productivity


Create an AI second brain to increase your productivity

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In the digital age, the concept of a Second Brain has gained traction, a term popularized by Tiago Forte. This concept refers to an external, digital system that individuals utilize to capture, organize, and refine their thoughts, ideas, and tasks. The primary objective is to alleviate cognitive load and mental space by transferring information and tasks to an external system. This shift allows individuals to concentrate on higher-level thinking and creativity.

Taskade, a new AI-powered productivity tool, embodies this concept, functioning as a ‘second brain’. This innovative application, akin to the previously released Quiver, harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to instantly generate task lists, mind maps, meeting agendas, and custom workflows.

Create an AI second brain to improve your productivity

Taskade is a free application that can automate over 700 different tasks both locally and on the cloud. Its dynamic workflow generation allows users to adapt to changing requirements, enhancing overall agility and efficiency. The application includes a personal AI assistant that can help deploy and focus on various types of apps, refine workflow projects, and assist with chat needs.

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Taskade’s versatility is evident in its compatibility with Android, iOS, Linux, Windows, Mac, and various browsers. Users can either use it on the cloud or download it locally on a desktop. The application allows users to create workspaces, upload documents, and engage in conversations with the AI about certain tasks.

One of Taskade’s standout features is its ability to import data from other applications such as Google Docs, Obsidian, and Notion. This feature, coupled with its free option with limited storage and features, and paid options for teams and businesses, makes Taskade a comprehensive productivity tool.

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Second brain using AI

Here’s a breakdown of the principles behind creating a Second Brain:

  1. Capture: The first step is to consistently capture every idea, note, task, or any piece of information you come across. This can be done through digital note-taking apps, voice memos, or any other method you find suitable. The key is to have a reliable system to capture information whenever and wherever you are.
  2. Organize: Once you’ve captured the information, you need a system to organize it. This could be a folder structure, tagging system, or any other method that allows you to easily retrieve information when you need it. It’s essential to keep this system simple and flexible, as your needs may evolve over time.
  3. Distill: Over time, as you accumulate more information, it’s important to refine and distill it. This means reviewing your notes, merging similar ideas, and discarding irrelevant information. This ensures that your Second Brain remains a valuable resource and doesn’t become cluttered.
  4. Review: Periodically review your system to ensure it’s still meeting your needs. This can also be a time to revisit older ideas, which might spark new insights or connections.
  5. Reflect: This is about taking a step back and considering the bigger picture. What patterns are emerging in your notes? Are there any recurring themes or ideas? Reflecting on your accumulated knowledge can lead to deeper insights and help guide your future learning and growth.
  6. Act: Your Second Brain isn’t just a passive repository. It’s a tool to help you take action. Whether it’s executing on a task, writing an article, or starting a new project, your system should support and enable these actions.
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Taskade empowers users to create projects with specific features and work with the AI assistant to accomplish goals. Users can assign tasks to different people, share workflows, and use the AI assistant to find solutions to problems. The application also allows users to chat with their PDFs and other files, asking specific questions and focusing on specific paragraphs.

Taskade is a highly recommended tool for those looking to increase their productivity, grow their business, or streamline their workflow. Its innovative use of AI and the ‘second brain’ concept makes it a game-changer in the realm of productivity tools. Popular tools for creating a Second Brain include:


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