Photoshop vs Midjourney generative fill and inpainting compared


Photoshop vs Midjourney generative fill and inpainting compared

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Photoshop vs Midjourney generative fill and inpainting compared

In the ever-evolving world of digital artistry, two powerful tools are vying for the spotlight: Photoshop’s Generative Fill and Midjourney’s innovative ‘inpainting’  Vary Region feature. Both offer unique capabilities, promising to revolutionize the way artists and designers approach their craft.

Photoshop’s Generative Fill, a feature that has been making waves in the industry, offers speed and efficiency like never before. It enables users to transition from a simple text prompt to stunning artwork in mere seconds. For those who value swift production of high-quality concepts, Generative Fill might just become your go-to feature. Beyond its speed, this tool provides users with unparalleled control, ensuring that whether you are conceptualizing creative designs or making intricate edits, the reins are firmly in your hands.

Seamless integration is another strong point of Generative Fill. Present in the Photoshop (beta) version, it allows users to collaborate with other editing tools without a hitch. And for those who cherish their original artwork, every AI addition is carefully crafted on a fresh layer, preserving the sanctity of the initial creation.

Photoshop vs Midjourney inpainting compared

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Behind the scenes, the power of Generative Fill is harnessed from Adobe Firefly, a purpose-built generative AI. Developed specifically for commercial applications, Firefly draws its knowledge from sources like Adobe Stock imagery, openly licensed projects, and content from the public domain.

However, a word of caution: currently, the content created using Adobe Firefly in the Photoshop (beta) app isn’t sanctioned for commercial usage. This is poised to change once Generative Fill graduates from its beta phase, an event eagerly anticipated later this year.

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Vary Region inpainting feature

On the other hand, Midjourney has released a new feature called ‘inpainting’ that allows AI artists to change specific elements within a picture without having to reprompt an entire scene. This feature allows users to combine Remix Mode and the new Midjourney Vary Region mode to select and regenerate specific parts of an upscaled image using a new or modified prompt.

The Vary Region button becomes available after a Midjourney image has been upscaled. The results from using this feature are influenced by the content of your original image, the region you choose, and the modified prompt you use. It’s essential to note that Vary Region is compatible with Midjourney Model Versions V5.0, V5.1, V5.2, and niji 5.

Inpainting, this new innovative feature, allows users to highlight a specific area and re-prompt within that area, making it easy to erase unwanted elements such as extra fingers or limbs. The Midjourney Vary Region and Remix feature provides a powerful and intuitive way to enhance and modify images.


When compared, both tools did a commendable job at replacing the background, but Midjourney was rated slightly higher for its more natural bokeh continuity. Midjourney was also rated higher for its ability to change aspects of a character or composition. However, both tools struggled to add something completely new to a scene. Despite these limitations, both tools are considered fantastic options for AI filmmakers.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a budding artist, both Photoshop’s Generative Fill and Midjourney’s ‘inpainting’ feature offer unique capabilities that can enhance your creative process. As the digital artistry landscape continues to evolve, these tools are set to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of the industry.

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