How a student used ChatGPT to write books to make $1 million


How a student used ChatGPT to write books to make $1 million

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How a student used ChatGPT to write books to make  million

In the bustling city of Toronto, a young computer science student named Joe Popelas has been making waves in the world of AI technology and book publishing. At just 20 years old, Popelas has managed to build a book brand valued at an impressive $930,000. His secret? Harnessing the power of AI, specifically ChatGPT, to generate books and marketing them on Pinterest.

Popelas’s journey into the world of AI began shortly after he graduated high school in 2020. Intrigued by the potential of AI integration in various business models, he started exploring use cases for GPT-3, a powerful language prediction model. By 2022, he was utilizing his AI skills to provide value to small and mid-sized businesses interested in AI.

Using ChatGPT to write books

The idea for his business was sparked during a meeting with a publishing company. Seeing the revenue generated from selling books, Popelas saw an opportunity to combine his passion for AI with the lucrative world of book publishing. By August 2022, he had started generating books with AI. By October, he had his first profitable day.

Popelas’s journey wasn’t without its challenges. His first AI-generated book was not successful. However, instead of being discouraged, he used this setback as a learning opportunity. He studied his competitors’ books, learned from his mistakes, and improved his approach.

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The business was self-funded, and Popelas managed to build it while juggling a full-time college course load and a part-time job. His dedication and hard work paid off. Today, he makes the majority of his money from Pinterest ads, boasting a profit margin of about 70-80%.

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Popelas’s business model has proven to be resilient in the face of competition. He attributes this to his loyal customer base and the large market for his product. His success has not gone unnoticed. He has received an offer of $930,000 for his business and is currently working with an investor who is purchasing 40% of his book brands.

How to write books using ChatGPT

Despite his success, Popelas remains grounded. He spends his mornings managing his business, his afternoons teaching others how to build their own book brands, and his evenings making house music. His advice to those starting out is to prioritize learning over earning and to focus on building a skill set.

Popelas’s story is a testament to the potential of AI technology like ChatGPT. His success demonstrates how AI can be leveraged to create value and generate revenue in innovative ways. For those interested in AI-generated books, Popelas suggests taking an interest in AI models, learning how they work, and finding a niche with traffic and ambitious people.

Joe Popelas’s journey from a computer science student to the owner of a million-dollar book brand is a compelling example of the power of AI and the opportunities it presents. His story serves as an inspiration for others interested in exploring the potential of AI and its applications in various business models. Here are a few more articles that might help inspire you on how you can use ChatGPT to improve your writing and perhaps make a million like Popelas.

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