How to use Midjourney permutations prompts correctly


How to use Midjourney permutations prompts correctly

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if you are searching for ways to enhance your creativity when using AI art generators such as Midjourney you may be interested in this quick guide on how to use the Midjourney Permutations feature. Once mastered it offers a compelling way to generate a multitude of creative content.

By understanding how to utilize this feature, you can produce variations of text, images, and other parameters with a single command. In this guide, we’ll explore how to make the most out of Midjourney Permutation prompts, complete with examples and best practices. One of the most common uses of permutations is in the manipulation of aspect ratios. Users can view the same image in different aspect ratios without the need to type them out individually.

How to use Midjourney Permutation prompts

Permutation prompts are a powerful feature in Midjourney that allow you to create multiple variations of a prompt with a single command. You can include a list of options separated by commas within curly braces {} in your original prompt. The Midjourney AI art generator will then automatically generate multiple images based on these options.

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Subscription Tiers and Limitations

The number of jobs you can generate with a single Permutation Prompt varies depending on your subscription level:

  • Basic Subscribers: Maximum of 4 jobs
  • Standard Subscribers: Maximum of 10 jobs
  • Pro and Mega Subscribers: Maximum of 40 jobs


It’s important to note that Permutation Prompts are only available when using the Fast mode.

Crafting Your First Permutation Prompt

The basic idea is to enclose your list of options within curly brackets {}.

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Example 1: Text Variations

For example, to generate text for different bird colors, your prompt could be:

/imagine prompt a {red, green, yellow} bird

This will spawn three separate jobs:

  1. /imagine prompt a red bird
  2. /imagine prompt a green bird
  3. /imagine prompt a yellow bird

Example 2: Parameter Variations

You can also manipulate other parameters. If you want to create naturalist illustrations of a fruit salad bird but with different aspect ratios, use:

/imagine prompt a naturalist illustration of a fruit salad bird --ar {3:2, 1:1, 2:3, 1:2}

This will generate four jobs with different aspect ratios.

Advanced Usage: Multiple and Nested Permutations

You can use multiple sets of bracketed options in a single prompt, creating a Cartesian product of your options.

/imagine prompt a {red, green} bird in the {jungle, desert}

This results in four jobs:

  1. /imagine prompt a red bird in the jungle
  2. /imagine prompt a red bird in the desert
  3. /imagine prompt a green bird in the jungle
  4. /imagine prompt a green bird in the desert

Nested Permutations

Options can also be nested within each other:

/imagine prompt A {sculpture, painting} of a {seagull {on a pier, on a beach}, poodle {on a sofa, in a truck}}

This will generate eight different jobs.

GPU Minutes and Confirmations

Each Permutation Prompt job consumes GPU minutes. Before the jobs begin, a confirmation message will be shown.

Escape Characters

If you wish to include a comma within the curly brackets that should not act as a separator, place a backslash \ before it.

/imagine prompt {red, pastel \, yellow} bird

This will result in two jobs:

  1. /imagine prompt a red bird
  2. /imagine prompt a pastel, yellow bird

Midjourney Permutation prompts are an invaluable tool for generating a wide array of creative content with ease. Regardless of your subscription level, this feature enables you to explore numerous creative avenues with minimal manual input. Here are a few other articles and guides you may find of interest on using the Midjourney AI art generator.

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