Samsung Freestyle 2nd Gen projector shown off at IFA


Samsung Freestyle 2nd Gen projector shown off at IFA

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Samsung Freestyle 2nd Gen projector shown off at IFA

Samsung recently launched their new portable projector, the Samsung Freestyle 2nd Gen, and now the device is being showcased at IFA 2023, the new model gets a range of upgrades over the first generation device.

Through Samsung Gaming Hub, The Freestyle 2nd Gen supports gaming — a content form that was once unimaginable to enjoy on a portable projector. The addition of Samsung’s cloud gaming platform frees users from the limitations of consoles, wires and fixed screens such as smart TVs and monitors. “Gaming is one of the entertainment types that really highlights the portability of The Freestyle,” shared TJ Kim. “Users can now enjoy games through Samsung Gaming Hub anytime and anywhere, without a console.”

Updates were made for added sustainability. “The light source life has been extended from 20,000 to 30,000 hours,” said Wonki Kim. “With 30,000 hours, The Freestyle can support a demanding eight hours of use per day for 10 years.” The Freestyle’s remote control was also upgraded to a SolarCell Remote that can be charged with sunlight or indoor lighting, eliminating the need for disposable batteries.

You can find out more information about the new Samsung Freestyle 2nd Gen over at Samsung’s website at the link below, the device is available in the USA for $799.99.

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