When to Refresh Your Logo Design & Branding


When to Refresh Your Logo Design & Branding

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Establishing a strong brand identity is crucial for every business. But over time, business goals shift, tastes change, and trends come and go. So when is it time to refresh your logo design and branding?

According to Jemma Wiltshire, a leading logo designer based in Australia, the ideal timeframe for refreshing your brand identity is every 5-10 years. However, there are certain signs that indicate it may be time for a logo and branding overhaul sooner:

Your Branding Feels Dated

Trends that were once popular can start to feel stale and outdated after a few years. Or you may realize your logo just screams “generic 90s branding”. If your branding makes your business seem behind-the-times, it’s probably time for an update. A modern, on-trend logo and brand identity helps you stay relevant.

Your Business Has Changed Significantly

If your company has pivoted to new products or services, undergone a merger or acquisition, or experienced significant growth, your old branding likely no longer aligns with who you are. A logo refresh helps realign your visual identity with your evolved business.

Your Target Audience Has Shifted

Who you’re marketing to and what resonates with them changes over time. If you’re no longer connecting with your audience the way you used to, it may be time to rework your branding to better appeal to your current or ideal customers.

Competitors Have Flashier Branding

While you don’t need to reinvent your branding every time competitors update theirs, take note if their branding makes yours feel stale and outdated by comparison. A refreshed logo and visual identity keeps you competitive.

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Your Branding Lacks Consistency

Does your branding lack cohesion across platforms, materials, etc.? An inconsistent identity reflects poorly on your business. A brand refresh creates a unified look that builds recognition.

Current Design Trends Don’t Align with Your Branding

While you don’t need to chase every trend, if your branding feels decisively out-of-step with current design styles, an update can help you better align. A skilled designer like Jemma Wiltshire can craft a logo and brand identity with timeless appeal, while still feeling fresh and contemporary.

You’re Struggling to Attract Customers

If your branding isn’t enticing potential customers, a makeover could be in order. The right logo and visuals grab attention in crowded markets and convey what makes your business appealing and worth patronizing.

Your Logo Doesn’t Translate Well Digitally

Logos designed years ago often don’t hold up well on websites, social media, digital ads, etc if they lacked digital optimization. Pixelated, low-res logos portray an outdated image. Consider a redesign suited for smooth digital use.

Leadership or Ownership Has Changed

A new CEO or owner often wishes to put their stamp on the business with refreshed branding. It signals evolution and new beginnings. Even if other signs don’t point to needing an overhaul, changes in leadership present a prime opportunity for branding revitalization.

While evolving your branding requires an investment of time and money, the payoff can be huge in terms of boosting brand perception, recognition, and engagement.

When to Bring In a Pro Designer

Jemma Wiltshire recommends partnering with an experienced designer specializing in logo and branding design for any refreshes. Even if you have in-house designers, outside perspective often proves invaluable. Professional designers like Jemma bring expertise on:

  • How to evolve your branding strategically, not just creatively? They help you determine what about your brand identity to keep or change to meet goals.
  • What visual styles, color palettes, fonts, etc will appeal to your target audience and align with industry trends.
  • How to ensure branding cohesion across all customer touchpoints, online and offline.
  • Technical considerations like optimizing branding for digital use and scalability across platforms and sizes.
  • Creative skills to develop logos and branding elements that are original, memorable, and meaningful.
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Bringing on a pro at the first signs your branding needs refreshing avoids letting it become dated and ineffective. Don’t leave something as crucial as your visual identity to chance.

Making a Gradual Refresh

While periodic complete overhauls keep branding on-trend, Jemma recommends evolution vs. revolution. Completely changing your logo, color palette, fonts, etc overnight risks alienating existing customers.

Instead, integrate new branding elements gradually at natural transition points to refresh your identity over time. This allows customers to adjust to changes, while maintaining connection to the familiar visuals that drew them in.

For example, you could introduce an icon version of your logo to use in digital contexts, while keeping your original logo on printed materials. Or adopt a slightly updated color palette and typography over time across branding touchpoints vs. an overnight switch.

Jemma can advise you on implementing phased-in branding updates to walk the line between refreshing and maintaining equity in how customers recognize you.

Refreshing Doesn’t Mean Losing Your Brand Heart

A common concern Jemma hears is that completely revamping branding means losing what makes your business special. Not so according to this expert designer.

Skillful refreshment focuses on enhancing the meaningful brand essence your core customers connect with, not discarding it. Keeping your brand heart while evolving the expression of your identity for today’s market is the balance to strike.

For example, Coca-Cola refreshes branding every few years, yet their iconic logo and brand values remain recognizable. Jemma knows how to keep and amplify what your brand is all about through smart, strategic branding design.

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Ready to Refresh?

Over time, even beloved brands need revitalization to remain competitive, relevant and compelling. If you suspect your logo or branding could use a facelift, now is the time. Partnering with an expert like Jemma ensures thoughtful evolution that gets results, not just change for change’s sake. Reach out for an initial consultation to explore refreshing your visual identity.


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