How to customize ChatGPT custom instructions to remove annoyances


How to customize ChatGPT custom instructions to remove annoyances

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How to customize ChatGPT custom instructions to remove annoyances

Even with all its powerful large language model data ChatGPT can sometimes insert annoyances into your answers. By sometimes repeating the same points about its knowledge base, cut-off date or training. If you would like to learn how to customize ChatGPT using the new Custom Instructions feature recently released by OpenAI to help remove these ChatGPT annoyances this quick guide will take you through a few tips and tricks you can use.

ChatGPT Custom Instructions initially launched for users in the United States, but is now available to those in the European Union and the United Kingdom. The new features has been specifically designed to allow you to easily customize and improve your your interaction with ChatGPT. By allowing for tailored conversations without meddling with the underlying code or model.

What are Custom Instructions?

Simply put, they are directives that you can input to guide ChatGPT’s behavior during a conversation using two new input boxes located in the settings of your ChatGPT webpage, iOS or Android application. This eliminates the repetitive task of inputting similar prompts when you are seeking similar results  across different ChatGPT conversations. Offering a massive step forward in making your prompt  results more accurate, consistent, and specifically tailored to your exact requirements

How to enable the new feature

If you’re wondering how to implement custom instructions in your own ChatGPT account, the process is quite straightforward:

  1. Click on your username in the interface located in the bottom left-hand corner of the webpage.
  2. Select the ‘Custom Instructions‘ from the menu
  3. Input your prompts into text entry boxes, which ChatGPT will save for future reference. If you’d like to learn more about the prompts you can use in the new input boxes after the video is a list of articles you may find of interest.
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The feature offers the flexibility to edit or remove these instructions at any given time. However, be mindful that if you tweak them mid-conversation, you’ll need to initiate a new chat session to see those changes materialize. Any modifications only apply to future interactions.

Customizing ChatGPT custom instructions

Other articles you may find of interest on the subject of ChatGPT custom instruction prompts :

Parameters you can control

  • Desired formality or casualness
  • Preferred length of responses
  • How you wish to be addressed
  • Whether you’d like ChatGPT to have opinions or remain neutral

Each instruction you input has a character limit of 1500, giving you ample room to be specific.

Custom instructions are also used by plugins

You might be wondering if these instructions only apply to the core ChatGPT generations. The answer is no. They also influence the output from plugins, thereby enhancing the overall user experience and broadening the feature’s applicability.

For those utilizing the Chat Completions API, system messages serve a similar purpose to custom instructions but within that specific context. However, it’s crucial to understand that custom instructions do not yield additional token savings.

Resetting ChatGPT to default responses

If you ever wish to revert to the standard ChatGPT default settings, simply delete the custom instructions from the text entry boxes and save. Voila, you’re back to square one!

Data management is apparently handled with meticulous care by OpenAI. Your custom instructions are included in the ChatGPT data export, and if you ever decide to bid adieu to your OpenAI account, these instructions will also be deleted within 30 days. A caveat to note: if you have not opted out of allowing your data to be used for OpenAI’s service improvements, de-identified records might persist.

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The Custom Instructions feature is a fantastic addition to the OpenAI chatbot that brings a layer of personalization to your interactions with ChatGPT. It strikes a balance between user-friendliness and the technical complexity that many of us have come to appreciate in conversational AI. For more information on using ChatGPT and the new features rolled out by OpenAI jump over to the official website.

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