How to Get More Viewers on Twitch


How to Get More Viewers on Twitch

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How to Get More Viewers on Twitch

Anyone who’s working hard on streaming and trying to come up with new content, ideas and titles every day, knows the value of getting views on their Twitch streams. 

There’s no denying that Twitch is a growing platform with millions of active users every day. But is that actually easy to crack its algorithm and get tons of views on every stream? Certainly no. 

That is why, we are here with this detailed guide on how to get more viewers on Twitch. Let’s get started-

 1- Post quality content always

The hack is to come up with quality content that isn’t just knowledgable but also comes with high-quality graphics and audio quality. For this, you can use a good web cam, microphone etc that will aid in getting good-quality content. Ensure that your whole streaming setup is made up of high-quality devices.

 2- Go with the right choice of games

By saying the right choice of games, we don’t mean to play something very difficult or out of the box. Instead, choose those games that you think are popular but come with fewer competitors. You need to find something between an immensely popular game and a niche game. Get an option that is a niche game and at the same time, it is popular too so that you can get some viewers.

 3- Do not break your posting pattern

Make sure that while posting the content, you don’t break your pattern. Now what does it mean? It means that let’s say you’re posting a stream every alternate day. Now that your streamers know that you will stream 4 times a day, do not disappoint them by breaking the patterns. It is important to have a schedule so that your viewers already know when you’re coming live and they can manage their time to see you.

 4- Be interactive

Your viewers will only like you when you fulfil their purposes. Now it could be the case with some viewers that they just want to see you and that’s it while with the majority of them, they definitely want to learn something or they might ask you some questions in the comment box and that shouldn’t go unnoticed. You need to make sure that you need to be as interactive as you can. Do not leave any space. Try to read the comments along with their username and then reply to their query so that your viewers will get motivated.

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 5- Reward them

To reward your viewers, you can either go for some random giveaways or add some good perks to your subscriptions. In both cases, the rewards should benefit your viewers. If they do, it will automatically gain your viewer’s attention and thus, they will start paying more attention towards you. However, you really need to focus on getting them some really exciting rewards to keep them motivated.

6- Do networking

You have your own set of audience but what about the other viewers? To get their attention, the best thing you can do is to start collaborating with other streamers and get noticed by their audience too. Although it is not at all an easy task to pitch the streamers and convenience them to start streaming, you need to be careful while finding the right ones. Try not to go over or below you. Find someone who’s around you and it will work.

7- Use Streampog

Although we don’t promote such websites that sell paid viewers solely because of the reason that they don’t work, StreamPog really works. 

We have already tried it multiple times to get Twitch followers, viewers, chat bot and more and every time we took their services, they did not disappoint us. 

StreamPog is a service based website that offers you Twitch live Viewers in an affordable price. They have the daily, weekly hourly and monthly viewers package as well and it starts from $2 per 50 live viewers which is one of the best prices we’ve received so far. You can try their services and see if it works for you. Some other features that they offer are-

  •   Non-drop viewers.
  •   High-quality viewers.
  •   Secured payment gateway.
  •   No login required.

8- Use your social handles

If you stream regularly and you’re not getting enough response, you can also try using your other social media platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Snapchat, Threads and more to promote your Twitch. Try posting images, spread your words or even upload a short recording and gain people’s attention.

9- Custom your channel

Just to look out of the box, you can also add a few things to your channel by customizing it. For eg, you can add some appealing overlays, panels, banners and more. While adding your profile picture and writing your bio, make sure that you’re not coming up with those repetitive boring big paras. Instead, use something that is catchy, different and short so that people don’t have to spend a lot of time to read. You must make their time worth viewing your profile.

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10- Do not fake your personality

Although it is a given thing, you need to follow it religiously. While streaming, the very important thing that you should remember is that you do not need to be fake at all. Do not show a personality to your viewers that is not yours. If you want to establish a connection, it is crucial to show who you are without hiding anything from them. If you make this connection real, chances are high that they will start to relate to you more.

11- Work on short goals

It is impossible to achieve your main goal in a day. However, your small steps matter. Try to set shorter and more practical goals for yourself and work for them. For eg, it could be a game achievement, a number of viewers, a set of followers or more and do not forget to share it with your viewers.

12- Use different Twitch features

Twitch comes with a lot of features such as auto host, raids, hosts and more that you can use and see how it works for you. You must be using a set of features and now that you’re already known with it, try to experiment with more features to get more viewers on your Twitch stream. However, please make sure that while using every feature, you know the purpose of it.

13- Do Offline networking too

Whenever we work on an online domain, we just focus on onine networking and forget that there’s a life beyond it as well. If you’re making the same mistake, please don’t. If you want to get more viewers on your Twitch streams, you also should focus on converting those offline people to your viewers. For that, you need to start networking by attending some gaming events, go to forums, socialize with the gaming community and more.

14- Work on your titles and thumbnails

Content isn’t everything. If you’re working on your content, you also need to focus on a lot of other factors such as your titles and the thumbnails. Do some keyword research, make sure that you write your titles accordingly and whenever you create a thumbnail, try to make it exciting and confusing so that it creates the urge of knowing what will happen to your viewers.

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 15- Work on your analytics

If you’re streaming for more than 30 days, it’s the right time to pay some attention to your analytics and see what is going wrong with you. Once you check it, you will find a lot of things such as your peak viewer time, demographics to understand from where are you getting the traffic, popular content to understand what is working for your viewers and more. Pay enough attention to it and check it time to see if you have improved or not. Your analytics will be the right measurement of your growth and thus, you should not ignore it. However, if you’re checking it daily, it may backfire on you as well. So try to check it once in 15 days.

16- Keep going

There’s no end to a success. You must keep going and working towards your end goal and get better every day. There will be some days when you will not feel like working much but you should not stop. The key is to have consistency and work in a manner that you never look back. Incorporate all the tips shared and try to come up with a better stream every time you work.

Wrapping up.

So these were the tips on how you get more Twitch viewers. We have shared a lot of tips and tricks that you may not find anywhere else. But even after knowing them all, nothing will work unless to start working on it. So try to get your focus on your streams and make it work. If you’re unsure about any of the tips we have shared here, please feel free to connect and let us know in the comment section. We are happy to take your feedback. Moreover, this guide will also help you grow your Kick channel (know the difference Kick vs Twitch), as the rules apply the same.

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