More details on Samsung’s Net Zero Home Project at IFA 2023


More details on Samsung’s Net Zero Home Project at IFA 2023

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Last week we heard that Samsung was showing of its Net Zero Home Project at IFA 2023 and now Samsung has released some more photos and some more details about the project, Samsung partnered with a range of companies on the project.

To create a home that generates and stores energy using solar panels and batteries, Samsung partnered with global experts in energy, utilities and IT — including solar panel and battery manufacturers Hanwha Qcells, SMA and Maxeon, and smart home innovator ABB.

Samsung Net Zero Home Project

Through these collaborations, SmartThings Energy can efficiently monitor and manage everything from solar energy production to the energy consumption of home appliances or electric vehicle chargers.

With AI Energy Mode, SmartThings Energy makes it easy to save energy by reducing the energy consumption of users’ home appliances and predicting their monthly energy usage. Before reaching target energy limits, SmartThings Energy will automatically activate AI Energy Mode to run appliances on power-efficient algorithms.

Using SmartThings’ Routines, users can effortlessly reduce energy waste in their daily lives. With a single press of a button, home appliances and lights can be turned off when leaving the house — so there’s no need to worry about forgetting about the lights in the bedroom or the air conditioner.

Samsung Net Zero Home Project

You can find out more details about the Samsung Net Zero Home Project that was shown off at IFA 2023 over at Samsung’s website at the link below.

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