NETGEAR PR60X Pro router launches for £670


NETGEAR PR60X Pro router launches for £670

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NETGEAR has this week launched its latest product, in the form of the 10G/Multi-Gigabit Dual WAN Pro Router (PR60X). The PR60X Pro Router is a new addition to the companies Insight networking solution platform offering up to 18Gbps bi-directional WAN-LAN throughput performance. This impressive feature caters to the needs of small and mid-sized businesses, providing them with the high-speed internet connectivity necessary to keep up with the demands of today’s digital world.

“NETGEAR Insight is the easy-to-use solution for delivering centralized remote management of networks across multiple locations for small business owners, IT managers, MSPs and VARs all from a single pane-of-glass on any device.”

Dual WAN failover interface

One of the key features of the PR60X is its dual WAN failover interfaces. This design ensures uninterrupted internet connectivity for critical applications and services, a feature that is increasingly important in an era where businesses rely heavily on the internet for their operations.

The PR60X Pro Router is not just about speed and reliability; it also prioritizes security. The router comes with a built-in firewall that blocks unauthorized access to the network, providing an additional layer of security. It also monitors communications between the network and the outside world, ensuring that all data transmitted is secure. The PR60X is designed with a sleek rackmount design, with ports located in the rear for easy integration with existing data networking equipment. This thoughtful design makes it a seamless addition to any business’s existing infrastructure.

Features of the NETGEAR PR60X Pro router include:

  • 10G/Multi-Gigabit and 2.5G Dual-WAN ports with failover
  • High performance hardware with one 10G/Multi-Gigabit Ethernet port, four 2.5G Ethernet ports and one 10G SFP+ port for long-distance backhaul or connection to ISP fiber modem
  • Seamless integration with NETGEAR Pro WiFi Access Points and select Smart switches through NETGEAR Insight Cloud Management
  • Control, manage and monitor through NETGEAR Insight
  • Rack-mountable for placement in industry-standard enclosures
  • Firewall protection
  • IPSec configuration to create secure site-to-site VPN connections
  • 3-year hardware warranty, 3-year next business day replacement, 90-day phone/chat support
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NETGEAR stands behind the quality of the PR60X, offering a 3-year warranty and 90-days free phone and chat support. This commitment to customer service ensures that businesses can rely on NETGEAR for support when they need it most.

router remote management

The PR60X is powered by an industry-leading ARM A73 Quad Core 2.20 GHz CPU and a dedicated hardware network engine. This powerful combination enables the router’s impressive WAN-LAN throughput.

In addition to its high-speed connectivity, the PR60X also provides up to 30 VPN tunnels. This feature allows businesses to connect remote workers, branch offices, and partners to the main corporate network, facilitating seamless communication and collaboration.

NETGEAR PR60X Pro router

The PR60X is also compatible with NETGEAR’s cloud management platform, Insight 7.0. This platform covers the entire network, including the PR60X router, providing remote configuration and management 24/7 from any location. This feature allows businesses to manage their networks efficiently, regardless of their location.

NETGEAR also offers a comprehensive product line of WiFi 6 and 6E access points, supported by 2.5G Ethernet. These are fully compatible with Insight Managed Multi-Gig PoE Smart Switches, providing businesses with a complete networking solution.

The NETGEAR PR60X is now available for £669.99. This new addition to NETGEAR’s product line is a testament to the company’s commitment to providing businesses with the tools they need to succeed in today’s digital world. With its impressive features and cutting-edge technology, the PR60X Pro Router is set to revolutionize the way businesses connect to the internet.

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