Finding Your Ride: Essential Tips When Buying a Motorcycle


Finding Your Ride: Essential Tips When Buying a Motorcycle

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Finding Your Ride: Essential Tips When Buying a Motorcycle


Very few things can match the feeling of buying one’s first car. Buying a new motorcycle is one of them. However, a person should know what to expect when they go to make this purchase, whether they are buying new or used.

Set a Budget for the Purchase

A person can easily get caught up in the moment and spend more than they planned to when buying a motorcycle. Anyone looking to purchase a new Harley Davidson will find these machines come with a high price tag. For every feature the rider would like on the bike, the price will probably go up a little more. Look at both new and used models to find the perfect bike at an affordable price. A great place to check when looking for a used ride is

An experienced rider might find they need to go with a new bike to get all the features they want. These features simply aren’t available on used bikes. For those purchasing their first motorcycle, however, experts often recommend a used bike, so a few scratches and dings won’t be a major deal as they learn to operate the machine.


Take a Test Drive

Never purchase a bike before riding it. This purchase is meant to last for several years, so any mistakes cannot be tolerated. If the bike doesn’t feel right, speak to the dealer to see if adjustments can be made. For example, a person who is very short or extremely tall might find the fit isn’t right. This doesn’t mean another bike should be selected. Before making this decision, let the dealer know. They may be able to alter it.

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Changes might be made to the shocks or suspension if the ride isn’t comfortable or smooth. New tires could alter the way the bike feels. Always let the dealer know why a bike doesn’t have the right feel. If they cannot make adjustments to the bike to better meet the rider’s needs, they may be able to suggest an alternative the rider might like better.

Bike Options

Many people walk into a dealership with a specific type of motorcycle in mind. Experienced riders, for example, might want a cruiser for riding around town. However, a beginner knows they should probably start with another style because cruisers tend to be heavy and hard to maneuver. Touring motorcycles are designed with long trips in mind. Any person considering traveling the country on a bike, for example, would want this type of bike.

Sport bikes are known for their speed and performance. A biker might want this style, but they must know their insurance costs will be higher when this type of ride is selected. New bikers might also find these motorcycles hard to control. Trikes serve as another option a biker might wish to look into. They offer a comfortable, balanced ride, but trikes are best for long distances rather than riding around town.


Be Prepared to Upgrade

A biker’s needs will probably change as their skill set grows. Keep this in mind. While a person most likely won’t want to purchase a new bike each year, the option is available. A person should always buy a bike for their current skill level, not what they believe their skill level will be in a few weeks, months, or years. Safety needs to be the top priority when purchasing any bike, so it’s best to go with a bike that is at your current skill level and upgrade in the future.

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Consider Used

Some people refuse to buy a new car. They want a brand-new vehicle just off the assembly line. When purchasing a motorcycle, these same individuals should consider buying a used model. One benefit of doing so is the rider can learn from more experienced owners about the benefits and drawbacks of a particular model. They may not have much experience with bikes and this information will be of great help. A used bike may only be a year old, but there will be a wealth of information available for those who are new to this activity.

Riders also find they have a bigger selection to choose from when they look into used bikes. When buying new, the rider is limited to this year’s models and possibly a few from last year. The options are endless when buying used. A person might even come across a rare or vintage bike they have always wanted to own. This bike can only be obtained through the used motorcycle market.

Furthermore, many used bikes come with customizations or modifications. The new owner won’t have to wait until this work is done. They get the benefits of these upgrades the minute they sign on the dotted line. They will be out on the open road in no time.

The main reason many people choose to purchase a used bike, however, is the price. Motorcycles depreciate just as passenger vehicles do. As soon as the original owner takes the bike off the dealer’s lot, it loses value. Depreciation is greatest during the first two years of ownership. Purchasing a used bike means the price will be lower thanks to this depreciation.

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Buying a Used Bike

Before purchasing a used bike, take into account its age and condition. Request a motorcycle history report and have the bike inspected by a reputable motorcycle mechanic. While the buyer can conduct this inspection, a reputable mechanic might find things they missed. It’s their job to fix bikes, so they know what to look for. However, this doesn’t mean a rider should ignore the other tips outlined above. The same steps should be completed whether a person is buying new or used to ensure they get an amazing bike they will love for years to come.

Don’t buy a motorcycle on an impulse. Doing so tends to be a mistake. Take time to research different models. Furthermore, set parameters in place for this purchase. Men and women who do so and use the tips outlined above will find they get the right bike for their needs, one they will love for many years to come. When they do, they will appreciate the time spent before buying, as it was well worth it when they own the perfect ride.

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