5 ChatGPT hacks to easily customize and improve your workflow


5 ChatGPT hacks to easily customize and improve your workflow

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5 ChatGPT hacks to easily customize and improve your workflow

If you are looking to get the most out of ChatGPT streamline your workflows to be more productive and save time on those mundane and boring tasks. You might be interested in these easy to implement ChatGPT hacks featured in the latest video from AI Foundations.

The ability to customize and optimize ChatGPT to suit individual needs is becoming increasingly important and this quick guide provides an overview of how you can  use simply implemented ChatGPT hacks to increase your productivity and workflow efficiency. These five ChatGPT hacks have been specifically tailored for beginners or those new to ChatGPT and provide simple ways to add extra power and improve the results you receive from the OpenAI chatbot in a number of ways

ChatGPT personalization

The first hack revolves around the aesthetic customization of the ChatGPT dashboard. By installing the Botrush Browser ChatGPT Chrome extension which provides a more enhanced user interface. Once installed users can alter the appearance of their dashboard and ChatGPT interface. This includes changes to the theme, color scheme, and font, allowing for a more personalized user experience. This customization not only enhances the visual appeal of the dashboard but also improves user interaction, making navigation more intuitive and enjoyable.

ChatGPT Custom Instructions

The second hack introduces the ChatGPT Custom Instructions feature, a powerful tool that is now available for free. This feature allows you to tailor the output of ChatGPT by providing specific instructions about what you want the AI to know and how you want it to respond. This hack empowers users to guide the AI’s responses, ensuring that the output aligns with their specific needs and preferences. This level of customization can significantly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the AI, making it a more valuable tool in any workflow and is really easy to set up, for more information check out the links below underneath the video.

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5 ChatGPT hacks

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YouTube video summarising

The third hack is a game-changer for those who frequently consume long-form YouTube videos. By activating the AI video summarizer plugin in the settings, users can have ChatGPT summarize these videos in about 30 seconds. This feature can save users a significant amount of time, allowing them to quickly grasp the key points of a video without having to watch it in its entirety.

Wolfram ChatGPT plugin

The fourth hack involves the use of the Wolfram plugin to create real-time graphs from advanced computations. This feature is particularly useful for research purposes, where visualizing data can provide valuable insights. By integrating this plugin, users can leverage ChatGPT’s computational abilities to generate graphs instantly, making data analysis more efficient and accessible.

ChatGPT voice and speech

The fifth and final hack allows users to interact with ChatGPT in a more human-like manner. By adding the Talk to ChatGPT extension from the Chrome Web Store and using the Eleven Labs API for text-to-speech, users can converse with ChatGPT and receive responses in a human-like voice. This feature enhances the user experience by making interactions with the AI more natural and engaging.

These ChatGPT hacks offer simple yet innovative ways to customize and optimize ChatGPT, making it a more powerful and efficient tool. By personalizing the appearance, guiding the AI’s responses, summarizing long-form videos, creating real-time graphs, and enabling voice interaction, users can supercharge their workflow with ChatGPT. As AI continues to evolve, the ability to tailor these tools to individual needs will become increasingly important, and these hacks offer a glimpse into the future of AI customization.

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