Javguru- A Japanese Adult Video Site


Javguru- A Japanese Adult Video Site

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Javguru- A Japanese Adult Video Site

Internet pornography is on the rise around the globe due to easy access to the Internet and fewer restrictions. There’re many people who regularly visit porn sites for erotic pleasure & satisfaction. Javguru is a popular porn website that is very popular in Japan. JAV stands for Japanese Adult Video. Another common acronym for this site is AV. This is a great platform for porn lovers to watch HD porn videos in various categories including hentai and VR movies. A lot of annoying ads & pop-ups appear on the screen while watching porn videos which can be harmful for you. Therefore, it’s always advisable to use this website with care. Let us discuss about in detail:

Overview of Javguru:

  • Javguru is an amazing platform to find a variety of high-quality and full-length videos. It is no less than a gold mine for porn lovers who spend most of their time here to get satisfaction. Adults and youngsters make up the majority of visitors to the javguru website. Javguru Incest also has a separate section where explicit photos are available and many people are scrolling through these photos regularly.
  • This site streams ultra-HD quality videos and one can download it up to 1080p quality. People who visit javguru com for the first time will also get a bonus. By using the bonus, that registered user can watch 3 paid videos. After watching these 3 videos, they have to pay the amount to get access to the premiere HD video.
  • Javguru has a good collection of hentai and VR videos in good quality. And this porn website is receiving a good amount of traffic on hentai and school girl videos. Many people around the world like this type of porn video because it also has English subtitles.
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Diverse Range of Categories:

  • Furthermore, we found that there are over 9000 Japanese adult movies available here. Of these, approximately 2400 films have English subtitles and approximately 800 are uncensored. Apart from hentai, other categories of Japanese porn like college girls, school girls, toys, oral, and many more are available on the website. If we talk about the availability of free videos, there are 260 HD VR porn movies, 160 hentai episodes.
  • JavGuru videos are also available on DVD and over 5 different streaming sources from other hosting sites like Rapid Video and Openload. The download link for each video is given below that video. The quality and streaming options depend on what source you use for streaming as many people do not stream above 1080.
  • Since the users here are watching porn videos for free, you will have to see many types of advertisements also. Many pop-up and display advertisements appear on the screen during video-streaming. To avoid such annoying advertisements, you can use adblocker. Javaguru did an amazing job organizing the content with the latest series at the bottom of each page.

Reason Behind the Censoring in 2018?

In 2018, the Javguru website was banned which significantly impacted its reputation and traffic. Let’s briefly explain why this happened. Japan has several anti-pornography laws that apply. If we read Article 175 of the Japanese law, we come to know that the sections in it deal with obscenity and obscenity.

This law and its interpretation have changed over the years but nowadays it is in force and every site and studio needs to pay attention to it. Javaguru has violated this law and that is why it has been banned. These types of laws seem like a contradiction for Japan, as other countries on the Asian continent have many more liberal laws. Let us compare this to many other countries in Asia and around the world where porn is completely banned:

  • Yuji Suwa was a Japanese manga artist, he was also prosecuted and convicted for violating Article 175 and suffered a lot because of it.
  • There is a group of people who were brought to court for distributing obscene and pornographic material without adequate censoring and their case is still pending in court.
  • Japanese adult video (JAV) studios became alarmed by the large amount of pornographic material and increased digital censorship.
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Simple Ways to Download Videos from Javguru on PC

A number of pop-ups appear on the screen to disturb you while watching free porn videos. To get rid of this, you can download Javguru Videos and enjoy seamless, distraction-free video watching anytime. You need to install a javguru downloader for using this. Let us elaborate on some of the most popular downloaders that you can download on your PC:

1. Vidus Streaming Downloader

  • To download Vidus Streaming Downloader, first, you have to go to its official website. After downloading Vidus, you’ve to install this program. Thereafter launch it and click ‘paste url’ on the right side of the home page.
  • You’ve to copy the video url from site and paste it to the box. The video is available here, and then you have to click to start downloading the video from javguru site. Now you will get the movie after clicking on the ‘Download’ button.

2. StreamGaGa Adult Downloader

  • This porn video downloading tool is the best in the market to download your favourite adult movies & programs. The movies downloaded from this platform are of high quality and give a good viewing experience to its users. StreamGaGa tool is available at the best price in the market. 
  • Users have to download this tool from google & install it. Now, you’ve to copy & paste the video URL of ‘Javguru video’ and then click on download. It will also ask you about the video quality so that the user can download the preferred quality video.
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Javguru website provides a good visual experience to its users. The porn videos available on this platform offer a wide variety of categories to satisfy its users. Apart from streaming videos on the website, porn videos of Javguru are also available in the market.

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