Polestar 2 gets Prime Video


Polestar 2 gets Prime Video

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Polestar has announced that their Polestar 2 vehicle now comes with Prime Video, this means that you and your passengers will be able to stream their favorite Prime shows and movies on your Polestar.

The feature will only work when the vehicle is parked or when the vehicle is charging, it will not work when you are driving, you can see more information about this new feature below.

Polestar 2 was the first car on the market to feature Google’s Android Automotive OS with Google built-in when it launched in 2019, and continues to pioneer the intuitive infotainment experience with the addition of Prime Video. Accessible to stream content while parked or charging, Prime Video joins YouTube which launched in Polestar 2 in June 2023.

Since launch, Polestar and related suppliers have continuously released useful apps for the car, including the likes of Waze, EasyPark, A Better Routeplanner, AccuWeather, Range Assistant, Journey Log and the Performance app for dual-motor cars.

Polestar 2 has also featured the Vivaldi web browser since December 2021 that unlocks web access to other entertainment services that may not yet have a native in-car app.

Thomas Ingenlath, Polestar CEO, comments: “The successful launch and integration of Android Automotive OS in Polestar 2 has proven that we can leverage the best navigation and voice control in the business to make life with a Polestar easier. The Google Play store has also gained a rich variety of apps that offer interactivity and entertainment, from playing games to streaming series.”

You can find out more details about Prime Video being made available on the Polestar 2 over at the Polestar website at the link below.

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