Framework Laptop 13 with AMD Ryzen 7040 Series APU


Framework Laptop 13 with AMD Ryzen 7040 Series APU

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Framework Laptop 13 with AMD Ryzen 7040 Series APU

Framework has been making waves with its innovative approach to laptop production thanks to its fantastic range of modular laptops. Adding to its accomplishments the company has recently announced the commencement of production on the Framework Laptop 13, powered by the AMD Ryzen 7040 Series APU. This announcement comes after the company successfully overcame a series of electrical issues and firmware delivery delays that had initially hindered the production process.

Framework has been diligent in keeping its customers informed about the status of their orders, particularly those that were potentially delayed due to the aforementioned issues. The company has now initiated the surface mount production of Mainboards in Taiwan, marking a significant step forward in the production process.

Since the launch of the 13th Gen Intel Core, Framework has made significant strides in its production capabilities. The company has doubled its production capacity and transitioned to a larger logistics warehouse to accommodate the increased demand and streamline the production process.

Framework Laptop 13

However, the journey to the production of the Framework Laptop 13 (AMD Ryzen 7040 Series) has not been without its challenges. The AMD Ryzen 7040 Series has exhibited a few quirks, such as issues with Expansion Card placement affecting power consumption and missing drivers for the RZ616 WiFi module in the retail Windows 11 installer.

In response to these challenges, Framework has been actively working on firmware solutions for HDMI and DP. The company is also exploring hardware options for a new USB-A Expansion Card. To assist customers in navigating the missing drivers issue, Framework is preparing a Quick Start guide with detailed instructions.

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Despite these challenges, the company has expressed satisfaction with the CPU performance, integrated graphics capabilities, and battery life of the Framework Laptop 13 (AMD Ryzen 7040 Series). In terms of software compatibility, Linux support is progressing well. Fedora 38 works seamlessly out of the box, and Ubuntu LTS is compatible with a manual update to a more recent kernel.

Modular laptop

In a move that will delight tech enthusiasts in Taiwan, Framework has made ordering available in the country. This includes the in-stock Framework Laptop 13 (13th Gen Intel Core) with a Traditional Chinese keyboard, pre-orders for the AMD Ryzen 7040 Series and Framework Laptop 16, and the modules in the Framework Marketplace.

Framework’s strong presence in Taiwan, where its manufacturing site, main warehouse, and a third of the Framework team are based, ensures fast shipping for local customers. Currently, Framework is available in 13 countries and is actively preparing to expand further. Customers can register their interest on the country selection page, indicating the company’s commitment to making its innovative products accessible to a global audience.

The production of the Framework Laptop 13 (AMD Ryzen 7040 Series) marks a significant milestone for Framework. Despite the challenges encountered, the company’s commitment to innovation, customer communication, and problem-solving is evident. As Framework continues to expand its reach and refine its products, it is poised to make a significant impact in the technology industry.

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