Google Chromebooks to get 10 years of software updates


Google Chromebooks to get 10 years of software updates

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Google Chromebooks to get 10 years of software updates

Google has announced that it is extending software updates for its Google Chromebooks to 10 years, and this means that they will continue to get automatic software updates for a total of 10 years after they were released.

This new software update feature will come into force in 2024 and it will apply to all Chromebooks that were released from 2021 onward, so if you purchased a Chromebook in 2021, it will continue to get updates until 2031.

Today, we’re announcing new ways to keep your Chromebooks up and running even longer. All Chromebook platforms will get regular automatic updates for 10 years — more than any other operating system commits to today. We’re also working with partners to build Chromebooks with more post-consumer recycled materials (PCR), and rolling out new, power-efficient features and quicker processes to repair them. And at the end of their usefulness, we continue to help schools, businesses and everyday users find the right recycling option.

Security is our number one priority. Chromebooks get automatic updates every four weeks that make your laptop more secure and help it last longer. And starting next year, we’re extending those automatic updates so your Chromebook gets enhanced security, stability and features for 10 years after the platform was released.

A platform is a series of components that are designed to work together — something a manufacturer selects for any given Chromebook. To ensure compatibility with our updates, we work with all the component manufacturers within a platform (for things like the processor and Wi-Fi) to develop and test the software on every single Chromebook.

You can find out more details about the 10 years of software updates for Google Chromebooks over at Google’s website at the link below.

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