IB Maths AA HL Course- A Detailed guide


IB Maths AA HL Course- A Detailed guide

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Analysis and Approaches at a Higher Level is a difficult course that focuses on analytical thought and methods. It contains both abstract and applied mathematics. It is made for students who like math tasks and are good at getting ideas and manipulating algebra. Analysis and ways to do things HL is a good course for students who want to study engineering, computer science, maths or physics in college.

IB Elite Tutor is an online platform that gives students worldwide complete, live IB Maths classes. We give students various tools, like video lessons, engaging questions, and support materials, to help them do well in their IB Maths classes and exams.

IB Math Analysis & Approaches Course

Analysis & Approaches courses cover five fundamental topics:

  • Numbers and Algebra
  • Functions
  • The study of calculus
  • Trigonometry and Geometry
  • Probabilities and Statistics

Maths AA HL Exam Pattern

Paper 1: Short and long answer questions, no calculators allowed, 120 minutes, 30% weighting, 110 marks.

Paper 2: Questions with short and long answers, calculators allowed, 120 minutes, 30% weighting, 110 marks.

Paper 3: Long answers to mostly HL questions, 60 minutes, calculators allowed, 55 marks, 20% weighting.

Internal Assessment: Individual study, with a 20% weighting and 20 marks.

Guidelines & Suggestions to Raise Your Mark

Maths AA is more focused on mathematical theory. This makes it appropriate for those seeking a rigorous, theoretical understanding of mathematics, especially calculus. This could be significant if you intend to pursue a vocation in science, mathematics, or engineering.

1. Making use of past papers

By doing the old questions over and over again, you will be able to figure out what kinds of questions will be asked. The final exam has a lot of questions, so make sure you can answer them quickly by practising with questions like those on the test. The best way to do well is to practise!

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2. How to Use a Calculator Exercises

In order to do well on this test, you need to be able to operate a calculator. Specific queries require the use of a graphing calculator, and it is crucial that you know which controls to press to solve the problems. Practise and familiarise yourself with the calculator. In addition, you should consult calculator aid guides when you are trapped, as they can assist you in navigating your calculations.

3. Clear confusion

Immediate clarification of any misunderstandings is essential. Feel free to ask to go over anything you didn’t understand. You need to have a solid grasp of topics to succeed in this subject. Only by laying the proper groundwork can you confront any inquiries. 

4. Regarding the Internal Assessment (IA)

The Internal Assessment is worth 20% of your total grade, no matter your level. You will be required to employ the mathematical skills you have acquired on your chosen topic. When composing the IA, read the criteria so that everything is noticed thoroughly. The IA is a significant portion of your grade, so don’t procrastinate! If you are still determining any criteria help by our IB Maths Tutor.

5. Even if You Need to Know the Final Answer, Show Your Work

If your workings are right, you will receive some credit even if you are unable to arrive at the proper answer or do not have enough time to finish the query. This is true even if you do not have enough time to finish it. You should therefore attempt the questions even if you require additional time to complete everything. Examine the criteria to determine where to earn marks and practise the calculation processes. You can determine which queries you perform well on by completing practice exams.

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How can IB Elite Tutor Help you?

Our IB Maths Tutor has much experience, is exceptionally trained, and knows much about the IB Maths programme. They want to help students do well in IB Maths, which they have done in the past. 

One of IB Elite Tutor’s strongest points is the emphasis it places on interactive learning. This has various engaging questions and tasks that get students involved with the course material, test their knowledge, and help them learn how to think critically and solve problems. 

These tasks are meant to push students and help them understand maths ideas profoundly and thoroughly, which is essential for doing well in IB Maths and beyond.

Our teaching method has been shown to help students get better grades in IB Maths. We have helped many students reach their goals in school and do well in IB Maths.

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