IBM Granite Foundation AI models unveiled


IBM Granite Foundation AI models unveiled

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IBM Granite Foundation AI models unveiled

IBM, a global leader in technology, is broadening the horizons of its data and artificial intelligence (AI) platform for businesses, IBM watsonx. The latest addition to this platform is a new family of foundation models, aptly named “Granite”. These models, a product of IBM Research, are designed to apply generative AI to both language and code, offering a unique blend of efficiency and environmental friendliness.

The IBM Granite models are not just another set of AI models. They are trained on a diverse range of datasets, encompassing internet, academic, code, legal, and finance data. This extensive training ensures that the models are well-versed in industry-specific language and jargon, making them a versatile tool for businesses across various sectors.

IBM Granite models

IBM’s approach to AI development is rooted in principles of trust and transparency. The company places a strong emphasis on governance, risk assessment, bias mitigation, and compliance. These principles are reflected in the development and deployment of the Granite models. Each model undergoes a rigorous governance, risk, and compliance review process. This process ensures that the models adhere to IBM’s high standards of trust and transparency. In addition to the review process, the Granite models are trained on data that has been scrutinized by IBM’s “HAP detector“. This innovative tool identifies and removes hateful and profane content, further enhancing the trustworthiness of the models.

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IBM’s vision for AI in business is centered on empowerment. The company believes that enterprises should be able to personalize their models according to their own values and regulations. The Granite models are designed with this vision in mind, offering businesses the flexibility to tailor the models to their specific needs.

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IBM’s commitment to advancing AI in business does not stop with the Granite models. The company has plans to release more Granite models in other languages, and is also preparing further IBM-trained models. These future developments will further expand the capabilities of the IBM watsonx platform.

In addition to the new models, IBM is launching new capabilities in the studio. These include a Tuning Studio and a Synthetic Data Generator. The Tuning Studio will allow users to fine-tune their models, while the Synthetic Data Generator will enable the creation of synthetic data for model training.

IBM believes that the addition of the Granite foundation models and other capabilities into watsonx will open up new possibilities in AI for business. The company envisions a future where AI is not just a tool, but a trusted partner that empowers businesses to achieve their goals.

IBM’s Granite foundation models represent a significant step forward in the field of AI for business. By combining generative AI with a commitment to trust and transparency, IBM is paving the way for a new era of AI that is efficient, environmentally friendly, and tailored to the specific needs of businesses. With the addition of these models and other capabilities to the IBM watsonx platform, the possibilities for AI in business are expanding like never before.

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