The 6 Best Men’s Fall Style Essentials for 2023


The 6 Best Men’s Fall Style Essentials for 2023

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The 6 Best Men’s Fall Style Essentials for 2023

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One of the finer aspects of the fall season is the cooler temperatures. There’s a sense of freshness and a new start, and many people like feeling cozy. This is the perfect time to put together your fall wardrobe with some classics and pieces that you can mix and match effortlessly. Gentlemen, it’s time to layer up because that’s what autumn fashion is about.

1. Shoes: Loafers/Leather Sneakers

Those grungy sneakers you seem to reach for more often than you should have their moment and place. However, fall is the best time to indulge in some new footwear, such as the dress sneaker. These shoes are comfortable, have a more high-end look and are usually made in leather or suede. Pair them with a suit and a long-sleevd crew neck for that elegant, minimalist style.

Another pair to consider is the classic loafer for autumn. This is a handsome, timeless favorite and looks great for both casual and formal occasions. Loafers are one of the hottest men’s trends this autumn, and what’s not to love? You can find them in suede, leather and chunky heels. The most popular styles are the penny, tassel or horsebit. The loafer is a fine example of a fall-style essential.

2. Jacket: Hoodie/Denim Jacket

Talk about a versatile layer that can create multiple outfits: it’s the hoodie. A hoodie never goes out of fashion, and it’s street style to the max. It’s a casual, comfy and relaxed piece that layers nicely over your favorite tee or under a coat.

You can find men’s hoodies in pullover and zip-up styles. These pieces look amazing when matched with your jeans or shorts. A two-pack in heather gray and charcoal gives you tons of styling possibilities.

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Then, there’s the denim jacket, which looks incredible on men of all ages. Thank you, Levi-Strauss, for bringing this American staple to the forefront in the 1880s. Its classic, thick, rugged construction makes it an ideal piece to have in your wardrobe. Denim jackets are easy to wear, so team them with your choice of long-sleeved tees and a pair of chinos, and you’re good to go.

3. Color: Earth Tones

Not only does fall usher in a spectacular display of colorful leaves in nature, but it also encourages fashion to follow suit. Now is your time to explore those rich earth tones in your autumn ensembles. For instance, an olive shade is a wonderful accent option that you can try in a scarf, socks, belt, shoes and more.

The beauty of earth tones is that these colors can take you from fall and beyond. These shades are never garish, either. They look timeless. Consider other shades such as burnt orange and rust, brown and tan, and wine and burgundy. Even yellow in a mustard tone makes for another autumn fashion color that adds depth to a gentleman’s wardrobe.

4. Work Pants

More fall-style essentials include proper work pants. You should have several pairs. You can always go classic and choose a straight-leg style that features a few extra pockets. You’ll want a fabric that offers substantial thickness, though, such as a cotton drill or even a heavy twill.

Cotton drill material is quite versatile and comes in an excellent variety of colors. It consists of a twill weave in a very strong, dense medium to heavy-weight fabric. Cotton drill is often used for making uniforms and workwear. It’s comfy and will keep you warm.

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5. Cozy Textures

Here’s another wonderful aspect of dressing for fall. Not only do layers play a big role in putting an outfit together, but their appearance and feel also matter. Cozy textures are something people enjoy wearing this time of the year, and the fall season gives you tons of fashion wardrobe changes.

For example, flannel is a fabric that never goes out of style and feels good against the skin. Flannel shirts and/or jackets can offer earth-tone colors in that familiar plaid pattern. You don’t want a boatload of flannel because you can always mix up your wardrobe pieces. However, a few flannel shirts look great unbuttoned over a henley shirt or your favorite long-sleeved tee.

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Other luxurious, cozy textures can include suede, leather, mohair, cashmere, shearling or corduroy. These fabrics and/or materials can be mixed and matched with your wardrobe to add interest and depth to your look. Layering your textures can result in a refined ensemble.

6. Long Outerwear

A knee-grazing coat is another classic American staple for fall and happens to be trending at the moment. Again, you have several options in choosing a style of long outerwear. For some guys, it’s the timeless trench coat. To say it works with just about any men’s article of clothing on the planet would be an understatement. You can wear a long coat over the finest suit as well as your favorite hoodie, joggers and sneakers. It will look great every time.

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Long outerwear is an investment piece that will be in style every season and great for when the cooler days and evenings come by. Just put it on, and you instantly elevate your fashion vibe.

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Making the Most of the Season

Fall feels like a fresh start, and your wardrobe should reflect the same. It can be a time of inspiration and leaving summer behind. Get outside, and enjoy the crisp air. Try new textures, longer shapes, and have fun with layers. It’s all about personal style and finding clothing that fits well, feels comfortable and looks good. Don’t forget the pumpkin latte. It’s time to spice things up!

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