Mercedes Drive Pilot U.S. availability confirmed


Mercedes Drive Pilot U.S. availability confirmed

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Mercedes Drive Pilot U.S. availability confirmed

Back in January, we heard that the Mercedes Benz Drive Pilot was coming to the U.S. and now the car maker has announced that the production-ready version of the software will be available in Nevada and Califonia before the end of the year.

Mercedes has said that this new feature will be made available to its customers in early 2024 on some models which will include the EQS Sedan and the S-Class models you can see more information below.

Mercedes-Benz will launch its production-ready version of DRIVE PILOT in the United States. The class-leading system for conditionally automated driving rolls out in late 2023 with a limited fleet of SAE Level 31 equipped EQS Sedans in California and Nevada called DRIVE PILOT: First Class. In early 2024, Mercedes-Benz plans for additional customer deliveries of DRIVE PILOT equipped MY2024 EQS Sedan and S‑Class models with participating authorized Mercedes-Benz dealers in California and Nevada.

As the first automotive manufacturer in the world to introduce this system in a standard-production vehicle to U.S. customers, Mercedes-Benz once again sets the benchmark for pioneering advancements in automated driving. California and Nevada are the first two states to approve the system and issued certification for use on major freeways. While the regulatory framework varies by state, Mercedes-Benz intends to further expand availability of this revolutionary new technology to additional U.S. markets in the future.

You can find out more information about the new Mercedes Drive Pilot feature for self-driving over at Mercedes Benz at the link below,  the feature will be available as a subscription.

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