New Google Home AI feature lets you create custom Routines


New Google Home AI feature lets you create custom Routines

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New Google Home AI feature lets you create custom Routines

Google Home, the popular smart speaker and home automation hub, has introduced a new artificial intelligence (AI) feature that is set to revolutionize the way users interact with their devices. This feature, aptly named Help me script, is designed to assist users in creating custom Routines, a key aspect of home automation.

The Help me script feature is part of the recently launched script editor, a tool that allows users to write and edit code for specific, custom automations. This is a significant development in the realm of home automation, as it provides users with the ability to tailor their Google Home Routines to their specific needs and preferences.

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The introduction of Help me script is a testament to Google’s commitment to making advanced technology accessible to all. The feature is designed to be user-friendly, requiring minimal coding experience. Users can simply log into their Google Home account on Google Home for web, open the script editor, and describe what they want to happen in natural language. The generative AI feature then generates the code based on the user’s description. This code can be copied, pasted, and activated in the script editor, and can be modified later if needed.

The Help me script feature is powered by a large language model, which enables it to continuously learn and improve. This means that the feature is capable of generating more accurate and personalized scripts every day, further enhancing the user experience.

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Google has announced that the Help me script feature will be available later this year in Public Preview. This will provide users with the opportunity to test the feature and provide feedback, which will be invaluable in refining and improving the feature before its official launch.

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Updates on the Help me script feature will be posted in the Home Automation forum, a platform where users can stay informed about the latest developments in home automation. Additionally, users can join the Nest Community for the latest Nest news. Nest, a subsidiary of Google, is a leading provider of smart home products, and its integration with Google Home further enhances the capabilities of the home automation hub.

New Google Home AI feature lets you create custom Routines

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Google encourages users to share their feedback directly on Google Home for web. This feedback will be instrumental in shaping the future of the Help me script feature, and in ensuring that it meets the needs and expectations of users.

The introduction of the Help me script feature marks a significant milestone in the evolution of Google Home. By making it easier for users to create custom Routines, Google is not only enhancing the functionality of its home automation hub, but also empowering users to take control of their home automation experience. As we look forward to the Public Preview of the Help me script feature later this year, it is clear that the future of home automation is bright, and that Google Home is leading the way.

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